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What's been your turntable ownership over the years?
Thorens TD160Oracle delphi MK IIWell Tempered Record PlayerWell Tempered ClassicBang & Olufson Beogram 8002Technics SL-1200 MK5Thorens TD124Micro Seiki DDX-1000Stanton ST-100 (present with home theater setup)Oracle Delphi MKV (present) 
Piece of Audio gear you regret selling
Had a Classé DR3-VHC. Once a non-audio oriented friend thought it was a fireplace!!! LOL. Boy did it sound nice though. I know the new owner still has it. 
Can you identify these components?
Tuner looks like a Magnum Dynalab FT-101A, audio rack most likely Target. Don't know for the CD player 
Canada Rocks: 70s lost lps pt 2...
April Wine, and they are still going at it. I am seeing them at my local small venue. 
How important is Cartridge Overhang? Need help
There are many ways to adjust overhang and some are quite different: Baerwald, Loefgren or Stevenson. Vinylengine.com has a great section on cartridge alignment and you can download and print different protractors. Maybe you can find the right one... 
Music you HATE the most but once you LOVED it
Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. Had my first french kiss with my future ex-wife at a dance during the song. Heard it so many times that I can't stand it anymore. Whenever I hear it on radio, I change stations. 
suggestions on small footprint phono stages
I would suggest the Emmeline F-117, Nighthawk, phono stage from Ray Samuels Audio. It's not bigger than a pack of cigarettes, is battery powered and great flexibility. I haven't heard it first hand but the reviews a great. Sells direct for $795. P... 
Best Late Night Low Volume Speaker
Quad electrosatic, they stay natural and realistic at at low volumes. 
Appraising Vintage Turntable
A grease bearing 301 is worth between $1000 and $1500 depending on condition, more if it's the older hammertone color. Final value will depend on plinth and tonearm. 
Jeff Rowland 8T with Wilson Sasha w/p?
If you look at the latest issue of Stereophile (July 2010) in the technical part of the review, you will see the impedance curve. It's below 4 ohms through most part of the lower midrange/upper bass and there is an amplifier unfriendly combination... 
Best tonearm for London Reference Cartridge
How about classic SME 3009/3012? 
Ayon CD5 vs Audio Aero Prestige
The Audio Aero Prestige is a superb sounding player with a preamp and digital inputs. It has a very analog/organic character. In fairness I must say that I am biased because it's the player that I own. But there has been service issues lately sinc... 
anyone use a Symposium platform under a turntable?
I use a Symposium Ultra Stealth under my Oracle MK V and would not do without it. More resolution, better bass, blacker background. 
High Efficiency Speakers Your top 3 or more
Tannoys with 15 in. concentric driversKlipshornLamhorn with AER full range 
Which purchase tipped you into nirvana.
Audio Aero Capitole and after Prestige. Sonic bliss for digital. Also Quad 989 speaker such naturalness.