Cables for DK to Maggies

i have cheap(20$) speakers cable between my DK design mk iii to maggies mg12. I noticed a have a lot of BASS actually. I want to upgrade from nice cables with more mid and less bass. Any Ideas? CHORD may be? i want to pay around 200$
Lasaab900, I would suggest Acoustic Zen Satori speaker wires for your rig. Very reasonable priced and are great with Maggies.
Many Maggie users have been raving about Paul Speltz's Anit-cables, essentially Magwire, I believe. Those cables are not terribly expensive. I'm even thinking of giving them a listen myself. For my Maggie 3.6s, I have found I prefer the warmth of the Cardas line and find this works well to tame the Maggie top end. I've bought all my cables used and have had no problems. Interconnects and power cords also make differences (I repeat, they will make differences, but not necessarily improvements). I started out with the 12s and have been on the audiophile rollercoaster ride ever since. Just be wary of the fact when you start spending money on cables, interconnects and power cords, there is a point of diminishing returns and you need to look carefully at the cost/benefit ratio.
I can vouch for Elf Audio's Super Helix speaker cables.They are inexspensive and sound great.