Cables for Sons Faber GUARNERI

Which speaker cables would you suggest for Sonus Faber Guarneri?
Good ones. Brand/model depends on your budget. Some folks on Audioasylum rave about the pricey Audio Note cables. I have used AQ Argent and they were good, AQ Clear SE was better. Still searching for AQ Dragon, since silver cables (when used w/ vacuum tubes) are apprently a v. good match with the Guarneri's tweeter. I am sure there ar eother outstnading matches I havne't tried. The point is that these VERY accurate speakers, and they will benefit from the best cable you can afford (i.e., they will never be the weak chain in your system). Above all..listen for yourself.
I have a pair of Sonus Faber Extremas which do very well with DH Labs Q-10. The DH Labs cables are all internally bi-wirable, too, in case you'd like to make use of all those binding posts on the back. (Note: Many people claim there is nothing to gain through biwiring. Please, don't start with me!) Some people rave about the Analysis Plus oval cables, although I think they are a little more expensive and not internally bi-wirable. While not cheap, the DH labs cable is high quality, well-made and much cheaper than many of these more exotic cables.
I also have a pair of Extremas and like the MIT cables. I also think that Bi wire is a benefit.