Cables of the past - which still rock?

As technology in cables seems to be a slow burner at best I'm wondering which you would consider excellent despite their age? 

Specifically I'll look to pick up some new speaker cables for my ARC + Focal Utopia set up. Wondering if it's worth buying older or should I just go for new!? 
Take a look at the prices and availability of used cables on Audiogon. Why would you buy new?
Verion Tri-Axials. I still have several pairs on hand! From 1977 - when they cost $30 a meter pair.
The original Audience AU24s were very good cables, IMO and are often available at good prices on the used market. Plus they are easy to handle and Audience has great customer service.  Win - win IMO. 
I always buy used cables, after all they do not wear out and they are already broken in.  It’s a win, win!
It's worth trying duelund 16 or 12ga tinned copper in oiled cotton. They're Western electric wire copies, but supposedly better.  Cheap and really well reviewed... Used by lots of people around these parts (just search) and Jim Smith of "get better sound" fame. People suggest using them without termination, so just buy a length, clean off the oil residue with some alcohol, twist, and connect. I feel no need to change from mine...
Other than the Audience cables the others are pretty ho-hum, nothing to write home about.

Suggest you contact The Cable Company which often has used, older version or other special cables worth looking at.
Technologies in cables is not a slow burner, at least in the past decade, due to one innovation. Other than that, though, not much change at all.

A century plus of same-same.

The room temperature liquid metal cables from Teo audio are literally the newest thing in conduction technology for transmission lines in the past 150+ years.

the difference really is fundamental, as in LCR calculations for wire, but with a room temperature liquid metal, it’s a combination of LCR in one part of the equation re the math to describe it and QED, Quantum Electrodynamics to describe it.

It requires the QED as it is truly a Quantum system, in the true physics sense. Completely unlike the frozen molecular lattice of all other materials used in conductors and dielectrics. The math literally goes to a point of incalculablity, beyond the reach of the theory or any supercomputers.

One can hear it. It’s a totally different beast. Electromagnetically and physically.

The other point is if you’ve never tried a liquid metal cable in a sytem, all you’ve ever heard and used is solidus wire in all things, in all ways. From cradle to grave, for everyone, kinda thing.

So one cannot know a difference as it’s never been experienced or known, at all. Zero exposure, so no stereoscopic parallax view in depth, of what exactly wire is and how intensely it colors the signal.
I'd recommend buying used Acoustic Zen Silver Reference interconnects (I or II, but II marginally better), and Satori or Hologram speaker cables, which can be had for very reasonable prices, and then let something else knock them off the shelf.  IMHO, AZ cables are "straight down the fairway" audiophile cables.  Detailed but natural and tonally organic IME.  If something meaningfully betters used AZ wires for anything near the price, I'd say go for it.  System synergy and personal tastes obvious disclaimers here, but I think AZ is a great starting point for true, high-end cables. 
Audioquest Truth interconnects, air dielectric, silver or copper solid core. Controlled for directionality. Yeah, baby! They should have quit when they made those.