California Audio Show 2023

Anyone go? Anything interesting to be heard? From the homesite didn't seem overly large.


It was this past weekend in the SF Bay Area (Emeryville in the East Bay). I saw a post on Audio Asylum (in the classical music sub-forum) from someone who attended on Friday:

This comment caught my attention:

I'd also estimate that close to 100% of the other attendees were even older than I am - and I'll be turning 75 in a couple of months. I saw only one attendee of the female persuasion, but, like the rest of us, she was a geezer too. (But I suspect that the average attendee age will go down tomorrow, as people are off work for the weekend.)

I attended.  It was extremely downsized from the previous shows but I was just happy that there was a show to go to in the SF Bay area again.  However, it was an outstanding show just the same.  Hopefully in the future the CAS will continue to grow.  Much appreciated!!!