Calling all fellow Fleetwood Deville owners

Hello fellow Deville owners. I’m looking for someone who would like to go halfsies on three sets of IsoAcoustic Gaia speaker stand isolators. You can read up on them at the IsoAcoustic’s web site, and there are several positive reviews out there as well. I personally used them on my Nola KOs and they did indeed tighten up the bass. The Deville stands have threaded receptacles to accept them. Gaias are sold four in a box. Since the Deville’s stands have only three feet you would need to buy two boxes and not use two of the isolators, but if two of us buy three boxes, we could then split them up as six for each of us. The Gaias for the Deville’s weight are $200 per set of four, so that’s $300 each.

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