Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

I 'm looking for a better/best remastered CD (redbook)version of this. I must have a very early version of this which sounds a bit flat & restricted in the frequencies.
Any recommendations??
My Redbook is good, on LP its better and I went ahead and bought a heavy pressing from Europe and thats even better.
The earlier versions probably sound flat because they maintain their dynamic range. The more modern versions are a lot hotter and probably sound better initially because they are immediately louder.

I almost always prefer older discs (redbook) to the newer ones when it comes to popular music.
Have gone through them all. Cd and vinyl. No doubt the winner(s) are the first two japanese pressings of the cd. Nothing touches either.
Try the DVD-audio version. Absolutely phenomenal. The increased resolution and mix is astounding and the visual extras are a treat.
Get a MFSL vinyl piece and burn it to CD.
My burned copy for the car is AWESOME.

I agree with Jaybo. The latest, two-disc edition is by far the best. While you're at it, pick up "Tusk" and the 1975 "Fleetwood Mac" reissues. Those sound awesome as well.
Jaybo is right, the latest is the greatest and also includes Silver Springs, the song, when left off the original release, prompted Stevie Nicks to leave the band.
I recently bought this LP used for a dollar. My friends and I were blown away with how well it sounds on my system. I surprised you thought it sounded flat. I have read on 6moons that a lot of newer CDs are recorded very hot which compresses the dynamic range.