Calling ATC owners

Ok, I'm gonna get a pair of ATC SCM150 towers. But I can't decide on the finish!

So, any ATC owners have the walnut or the rosewood?

Let me know. Thanks!
I have models in both of those finishes. Their walnut is nicely finished with retained grain texture - on par with most speaker mfr's quality - and of the lowest price tiering options excluding their painted "pro" option. Their premium rosewood option is slightly more refined, but not worth the bloated premium upcharge, and really no better executed (fit/finished) than most lesser expensive speaker mfr's offering exotic finishes. I bought all of my ATC's discounted (six 20's and two 100's) and were only available in these two colors for purchase. Though I'm not really into wood, the walnut (20's) is much easier to place in my modern/contemporary motif vs the 100's dominating rosewood presense. If I was buying new, had a choice of finishes and deep pockets, the birdseye maple is more to my likings.

Thanks Metro04, I appreciate that. I'm leaning towards the walnut at the moment.
I chose black because it can fit quite well in almost any decor, other colors are harder to incorporate anywhere.
I like black components, but I find the black ash in ATC is too "grainy" looking, imo. I prefer a smoother finish.
ATC has quantities made in cherry and walnut, which is why those are more reasonable. All woods (you name what you want and they quote it) are custom, hand done, one at a time. ATC's cabinet maker is extraordinary, matching grains, doing about the best that can be done I think. Veneers must be done inside and out to prevent bowing of wood over time, so this is partly why they are so expensive.

I really like the way they do veneers in the UK (think Bentley or Jag dashboards), it seems a skill that is harder to find elsewhere. The high gloss finish (whether over black, white or wood) is extraordinary; many many coats, the final looks quite deep.


I haven't tried to contact anyone through Audiogon for many years, and I don't see a "contact member" option in the new format. If you can provide a secondary email address, or if anyone can instruct me how to contact a memeber, I'll send you some photos of my rosewood and walnut finished ATCs for color/texture comparison.
Hi guys,

I kind of had a change of heart here. I am not getting the ATCs just yet. I am now looking at the Focal Utopias and Electras. That beryllium tweeter is hard to beat!

Thanks again.
06-24-12: Adry
"So is the ATCs midrange..more important for me ;-)"

Yep, concur, and their current tweeter isn't bad either.
Uhhh, okay... and their woofers, too! Oh, and.....

Ok, have you heard both Focals and ATCs. I haven't heard the ATCs in a long time. I heard the Focals @ this year's CES.
Sorry, no comparison, the ATC is a lot more natural sounding than the rather hifi-sh sounding Utopias. Moreover once you go active it is closest to the real thing that you can get on reproduced music. You are lucky to have the resources to get so really close, please don't miss it.
Ok, thanks for that. I wish I could compare side by side. The only thing I'm worried about is a dull treble on the ATCs due to the antiquated soft dome tweeter.
Dave, two things:

1. ATC doesnt have any roll off, hence you will never see
anyone calling ATC dull at any frequency. The choice of silk
vs metal dome is purely based on what sounds more true to
the timbre.

2. With ATC one doesnt hear bass, treble, midrange
separately, they are so coherent and sound as one driver you
normally listen to one whole instrument than frequencies.