Cambridge Audio 851N or CNX 2 vs Marantz NA8005 or ND8006


Someone have compared Cambridge vs Marantz streamer ?

I like to known tonally what are the differences.

Thank you !




Can’t speak on the difference between those two, but I have a Marantz sr5015 that had heos streaming on it. Recently bought a Innuos pulse mini. The difference between the two was enormous, can’t say enough about how much it is. Aware of the price difference, just that it’s worth the wait to save, and get a quality streamer. I was seriously considering the Marantz streamer, then Bryan at Olsens Hifi steered me towards the pulse mini, sure am glad he did. Enjoy the sound. 

Marantz sounds a bit richer in the midrange and rolls off on top compared to the CA

Thank you for your response:

For your opinion between Audio 851N and Marantz NA8005/ND8006 what is more extended on high frequency ? and what have more deep bass ?


I thought I indicated in my earlier post that Marantz rolls off the top end so the CA has a better treble.  The Marantz may be a tad more bass rich.