Cambridge Audio AXN10 experiences

Good day, has anyone had experience with the aforementioned?  I’m looking to upgrade from an older Bluesound Node for under $1000. The reviews I’ve read kind of rave about the performance/value ratio, but I’m wondering how much of an upgrade it will be. I plan to use an outboard DAC (Schiit Gungnir Multibit), so I’m not too concerned about the DAC in the Cambridge, but you never know.  I routinely switch between the Gumby and the DAC in my Yamaha CD S-2100 SCAD (ESS ES9016 chip, but the Cambridge has a newer chip). Any thoughts about alternatives under $1000 more than welcome, I have no opposition to used market. 
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I am interested in the component but haven’t heard it.  I own 2 CXN 60, and have also owned the Node.  I was considering the A10 for my basement HT system, which lacks a streamer since a Node died down there a few years ago.

  Since you aren’t going to be using the DAC, the question is what advantages will the CA have over the Node as a streamer?  I can say that for the CXN 60 the images are more solid than the Node, and the CA offers Chromecast, which I really like.

Mahler123, thanks for the response. The areas where I’m looking for improvement are the user interface and SQ. CA’s Stream magic app gets routine praise as one of the most user friendly, and in looking at forum posts and reviews I’m believing that a streamer can offer SQ improvements beyond the DAC that it comes with. I’m not really familiar with Comcast Chrome, but from what I’m gathering, it might be very handy to have. 

I'm very happy with the Cambridge CXN V2, and it's being closed out at some great prices. I was especially surprised how good it's internal DAC is...and it's new replacement, the CXN100 is close to your price point...

Thanks jl35, can you point out some of the things you like about the CXN V2?