Cambridge Audio Cxnv2 Truth Mod /tubes make all the difference

Sometime in March I received my CA cxnv2 from Modwright Instruments supplied with the new Truth Mod.  I immediately put the  unit in my main system.  The sound was very good smooth and crystal clear.  It just didn't have the same quality of my Audio GD r7he mkii dac. I put it in my den system where it has been since. It paired well with my Melody h6550 integrated and Kef R11 speakers. Last week I swapped the JJ tubes that came with it with a pair of Phillips e88cc,  what a difference.  High extended extra bass slam , transient and echo sounds improved.  I had to try it again in my main system. I really wasn't prepared for the improved sound quality and overall performance that came forth. To put it mildly I was literally blown away. The first thing I noticed was the bass slam. Then the extended highs and transient sounds were mesmerizing.  I quite actually haven't heard anything as good as this in a long time. When someone says tubes make a difference I will now agree wholeheartedly 🙏.  The Soundstage was good before but now it's in another league.  Hats off to Dan Modwright for an incredible transformation of an already good streamer.  Looks like my Lumin u1 mini and Sbooster are going up to the  den. I'm keeping the Audio GD but going to see if it can be modified.  I heard Magna Audio is putting in silver point to point wiring.  Chek out my system in the virtual,  hope the beer bottles don't offend you 😉. 


@knighttodd I also upgraded to NOS tubes and noticed the same uplift. Also, another major improvement was adding Marigo Audio footers & platform and Entreq signal grounding at one of the digital inputs.


@knighttodd I own one of Dan’s mods and one of his works of art. I have a Pioneer LX500 modded as well as his Phonostage PH9.0x. It was worth every cent but I can tell you I will never buy another JJ tube again. I know Dan ships his units with them but they are just lackluster IMO. Wound up with Siemens from Andy at VTS in the pioneer and Telefunkens in the PH9. Just shattering improvements! Dan is the Man though. His pottery is impressive as well! 


dan's tube modded stuff is excellent, and made materially better with good choices of old stock tubes replacing modern tubes he ships his gear with...

I own the stock CA and am very happy with it, but may I ask how much the mod cost, and then how much extra for the replacement tubes?

@mahler123 sorry typo, $189.00 each at today's ridiculous price.  But these should last 7-10 years.  Maybe longer counting a few more tube rolls. I liked the original dac also, as i am a fan of AKM chips. I still use an RME ADI 2fs with Teddy Pardo PSin a second system. I would like to find someone I can trust to modify the AGD, Dan says he is too  busy right now. The Truth Mod is well worth it.