Cambridge D500se display bulbs burned out

Recently picked up a used D500se that was supposed to be in mint condition. I gambled on e-bay. Well I plug it in and the display is bright in the center, but very dim on the left and right ends. I opened it up to take a look, but didn't want to start unscrewing the display from the board with knowing more. I can peek through a narrow space between the display and board. It APPEARS like there are three, flat, oval-shaped, bulb/lamps that act as back lighting. The two end lamps apparently are burned out.?.? Has anyone ever replaced theirs? If so, were the bulbs standard or custom$$$? Did it require soldering? Where might I find replacements?

Any input would be a great help. Thanks!!!
Contact technical support at Audio Plus Services. They are the North American importer.

The person is Michael Rousseau.. His email address is:

You could also contact Simon Côté at:

Phone number is 800-663-9352...
Thanks Sugarbrie. I'll give them a call. I think I e-mailed them once regarding the remote and never received a response, but now that I have a number I'll call. Anybody else have suggestions or experiences with this???
I believe Michael Rousseau is really in Quebec. The Candian company is Plurison ( They have a Plattsburg, NY address that may be more for legal import purposes and for their US national sales rep and distribution.

Years ago Michael Rousseau responded to an email of mine in French my mistake. (LOL!) He does travel some for them, so may not always respond quickly. He was at CES in Vegas last year. You could try Simon.