can a new speaker come close to JBL's 4429 for 5 grand?

I've been at this for 30+ yrs, like buying stuff new, and listen nearfield. 
Using Harbeth 7ES3's right now, driven by First Watt SIT-1 Monos (have no desire of going deaf).
the speakers sound really good, but I love the JBL sound.
is anything out there even close? asking mainly those familiar with JBL.
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Try to audition ATC SCM40 - just as revealing and accurate but with a larger sweetspot, better imaging and without the strident upper mid that you tend to get from a JBL pro horn.
@dancekel, I thought the same thing about the JBL 4319 and am awaiting delivery since it takes 2-3 weeks for delivery from Music Direct.

I have a funny feeling that when I hear them, I’ll be transported back to the time of my youth, coming full circle in this audio game, only to realize that the start of this all was the finish. So many pretenders out there going for looks over performance, form over function, and all that furniture grade looks to make up for the shortcomings that come with that mindset.

Music Direct has a 60 day trial period that I’m going to take advantage of since I can’t audition the 4319s. It’s funny that I live 14 miles from JBL and when I called them, they had no idea that they were for sale anywhere stateside.

There’s a wonderful review of the 4319s at HiFedility and they mention that all the models up from them are of the same quality, only larger in scale. His reference speakers are Harbeth 40.1. If I were you, I’d take delivery of the 4429s and give them a serious listen if you’re getting them from Music Direct.

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If only I could afford the space and those speakers, I'd be a happy camper. 😄 

My living room restricts me to something the size of the 4319 monitors, which are rather large for monitors as it is.

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@nonoise- you're gonna love them. Actually, they don't require as much space as you might think.