Can a streamer without DAC improve streaming?

Currently I’m using Bluesound node2i and Chromcast Audio to stream tidal via optical out to my preamp/ DAC Michi P5 
for some reason I like chromcast Sound Better than bluesound My question is can any streamer without DAC under $1k improve my tidal/ Qobuz and Spotify experience ?
i just add some photos to my system page thanks 
Are you using the DAC in the Node2i? If so run coax out and bypass the internal dac.
I use AQ USB and optical to my Ayre Codex- from the Node.
Works like a charm.
I actually demoed the difference between the onboard Node DAC vs the Ayre Codex. The Codex was significantly better.
node 2i onboard dac is very mediocre, tuned for a smooth sound at expense of clarity and transient response - big improvement going to well reputed outboard dac in 500-800 bucks price range imho
Yes, a streamer without DAC can improve streaming but probably not much with a budget less than $1K compared to Node2i.  As others have mentioned, you will get more improvement applying that $1K budget towards upgrading the DAC while continuing to use the Node 2i as your streamer.
thanks everyone for great response

@three_easy_payments The DAC in my Michi P5 is great I don’t need a new DAC my question is can a streamer Without DAC improve streaming Quality I have tried Cambridge Azur 851N and bluesound node 2i Via COAX out to my Michi P5 they both sounds the same to my ears Chromcast sounds different maybe because I boost the EQ little to my taste  lol so I like CCA better than both Bluesound has  EQ but It doesn’t really have any effect like CCA 
With CCA i can only stream up to 24/96
That’s why I need to upgrade at least 24/192  thanks 
@lordrootman  I think you'd need to move up to say a Lumin U1 mini to get a noticeable improvement in streaming SQ. So that pushes the budget up to around $2K.
Another brand to consider is Schiit. The Yggy and Gungnir are pretty close to the Codex soundwise, and can be had used at a nice discount.
-Though used Codex's are moving to the $1K price range if you are patient.