Can good speakers take edge off digital?

I have a pair of Quad 12L2 speakers hooked up to an 845 SET. When I am listening to analog, the system sounds fine. But with digital, well, it has that bit of the digital edginess. Can a better pair of speakers, say the Zu Druid, take the edge off the digital?
A few years ago I found a cdp that allowed me to enjoy my cds thoroughly; a Resolution Audio CD-50. This player is way outdated by today's standards but it is smoother and more relaxing than any player I've heard.
After owning the CD-50 for a year I sold off my vinyl. Ok, so that was probably a mistake but I had stopped listening to lps altogether.
Somewhere near the beginning of this thread a non-oversampling cdp or dac was suggested; it's worth investigating.
I mention this since others suggested a NOS DAC to address the "digital edge."

Toufu is using a Monarchy NM24 DAC. This DAC -is- a non-oversampling(NOS) tube DAC. This DAC uses Burr Brown PCM1704 chips which are 24bit, but do not over- or up- sample the source signal. (As previously stated, I use a NM24)

One idea, Toufu, you might want to try is different tubes to mellow out the sound. On another note have you tried any other speakers with your DAC/amp system?

As always a systems sound is about synergy between the components. Seems like something needs to get swapped out. maybe your first idea of a different speakers may provide a more preferred result?

BTW: Is your amp the Art Audio 845 SET? That's quite a piece!

cheers, ed
Thanks Ed, and no, I wish I have a Art Audio 845. I use a Chinese made Liang Audio 845 amp...
Agreed with some of the other posters. Good Speakers (Vandersteen 3a Sigs) forced me back to vinyl after 25 years. (I still listen to CDs and SACDs)
A good DAC will take the edge off, I use a benchmark, there are plenty of others but that did the trick for me. Not only did the edge mellow but the mids and lows cleaned up and extended, benefits from top to bottom.