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JMW 9 effective mass?
How about Van Den Hul cartridges? Which version should I get for my JMW9 arm? (I am also planning on upgrading it to a 10.5 arm, unless anybody else could tell me otherwise.)I am also looking at Zyx cartridges, which I think would be a better matc... 
SUT shootout
Hey Sibelius, I still have your Zu Druids and they sound great.I am trying to go back to a MC setup again and was going to build a SUT with Hashimoto HM-3, where did you get your HM-7 from? 
Different arm for VPI Scoutmaster
Actually, I called VPI and they said that I can trade in my JMW9 for a new JMW10.5. Is it worth the upgrade? 
Has anyone had eperience with the new sony xa5400e
How does this compare to the Marantz Ki Pearl player? Has anybody heard both? 
I'm in the Dark - Any Internet FM Radio Tuners?
Squeezebox into a good DAC will do the trick nicely. 
Cartridge for VPI Scoutmaster and Bottlehead gear.
I got a scoutmaster with a Pro-ject TubeBox SE II, my soundsmith retipped Grace Ruby sounds wonderful in my setup. 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
I own both Andante P-76 and a retipped Grace Ruby. The P-76 sounds very good, but it's missing that lush and sweetness of the Ruby. I am very happy with both purchases, P-76 was only 70$ and I bought the ruby with a broken stylus and had soundsmit... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Thanks guys, I will try the suggestions. This only happens on a few records so might not be such a big deal.By the way, what's the best load capacitance for the Grace Ruby? 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Raul, my Grace Ruby is getting some inner groove distortion on some records, what's the best way to solve this problem? I have a VPI Scoutmaster with the JMW9 arm.Thanks. 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Hi Raul, I got my Grace Ruby back from Soundsmith (it took about 6 months!). Anyways, I have been listening to it and I like it better than the P-76 already. It's more lush and bigger sounding. Although a little bit more noisier. I consider myself... 
Correct fuse for Denon 5910?
I am sure a 2-3 amp slow burn will do just fine. 
HDMI cable made a difference in picture quality??
Hifisoundguy, it would not be likely for digital artifacts to show up as faded or missing details. For analog tranmission, yes, since the output of analog is a direct product of the signal being transmitted and if cable is suspect, then result pic... 
HDMI cable made a difference in picture quality??
If you freeze frame, it would cause the digital source to output the exact same data per each frame per second. So if there is distortion caused by cable not up to specification, radom noise would be introduced in the form of digital artifacts. Th... 
HDMI cable made a difference in picture quality??
I am really fasinated by the responses I have seen here. Some members claim to see sharper or brighter pictures. Can somebody explain to me how is it possible with digital? I mean, how can cables transmitting digital information apply filter to ma... 
Interaction with music server while listening?
I like the squeezebox duet remote. Nice screen and very flexible and expandable.