Can I have two amp outputs from Lumin T2?

Hi guys, I have a Lumin T2 which is connected by XLR to my Hegel H390 amp. I would like to be able to connect the Lumin to a headphone amp as well. Is there a way to do that? And how do I switch between the Hegel and the headphone amp?

Thanks Nadine

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@maxwave Thanks so much for these links. I’m guessing that the gold pt will allow me to avoid the problem of having both balanced and unbalanced outputs out of the T2. Thx again. 

Maybe it would be simpler if you used the USB output either to your main system via a DAC or buy a headphone amp with a built in DAC.

USB will give you the benefit of listening to DSD and changing outputs will be a breeze.

Some Hegel amps have built in DACs.

@lordmelton @maxwave  Truthfully I do have a separate headphone amp in a different room (Mytek liberty DAC II) but was hoping to integrate another (unpurchased)  HP amp into my main system. The Hegel does have a DAC so think I could just use RCA out on it and link to HP amp ?? Or would I use USB B on Hegel amp? Thanks again! Nadine

If Lumin T2 is your only source.

Using XLR out ( Lumin T2 ) to XLR in ( Hegel )

Can you use RCA out (Hegel ) to the new HP amp. ? May be.


You can use RCA out ( Lumin T2 ) to the new HP amp.

You can use USB out ( Lumin T2) to the new HP amp.

You can select the Lumin T2 out put with the app.

I think , the fewer gears , the better.

I have Lumin X1 , but I have not used it for a while.  I am posting by memory .

Good luck




@maxwave Going to try the usb out from the Lumin. That way, I user the Lumin’s superior DAC. Thx