Can someone suggest a lush tube integrated under $3000 used

My main system it’s solid state preamp and amp. I’ll through in a tube preamp on occasions. Somedays I just miss the lush involving syrupy tube sound with small jazz and blues recordings. I know highs may be rolled off,  not a lot of slam but can be so involving you lose track of time. This amp will be matched with some Joseph Audio first gen Pulsar, LSA 2 statement tower with ribbon tweeter and some Tiny Dancers. 

I’ve heard good things of the Cary, Ayon, maybe an old Conrad Johnson cav 50, I just don’t have much experience with integrated amps. My speakers aren’t the most efficient. 


Many 300B amps would do the trick.

Icon Audio Stereo 300 MKII (300B) which I own is exactly what you are looking for but might be a long time before you see one under $3k. Maybe under $4k used if you are lucky.

It replaces Willsenton R300 which is also very lush but just not as resolving but still really good sounding. New $1.5k used maybe $1k.

Muzishare X9 which I also own 300B but more hifi than lush so not a good fit for what you are looking for but for someone else wanting liner sound then yes. Those are around $2k used.

Willsenton R8 I owned a few years ago. I would have to disagree a little that it is lush. More like bassy. IMHO.