Integrated power for KEF R3 Meta

I have heard these are hard to drive, leaning toward the Technics SU G700 M2, 

It can handle a 4 ohm load but is 70 WPC enough? Room is 15’ x 15'





The Technics will be more than sufficient. At 4R, it is rated at 140 WPC (70 WPC is at 8R). It is a GaN FET design, as you probably already know, so efficient. This is from Technics' premium line (all they do anymore).

Amplifier power ratings

Watts per channel (“wpc”) in isolation are meaningless : it’s the amp’s ability to delivery high current (amps) that matters.

Don’t look only at the headline power figure - see what happens when the impedance drops to four ohms. If the number nearly doubles, then your amplifier has good current delivery and will be capable of driving more demanding speakers.


70W will not drive them properly. I have a pair of Ref 1 Metas powered by a pair of McIntosh MC 611s. I made an $8500 mistake trying to power the KEFs with a Luxman 590AXII. The bass output was nonexistent. With the higher power amps, I could convince you I am running a sub. You will need at least 200W with high current delivery. With any power under that, you will not realize the bass output they can deliver. 

KEF specifies 15-180W. You will be fine with the Technics, which is an excellent integrated amp.

Hegel H190 is a excellent  option and has a respectable dac and Roon ready streamer ,,checkout Anthony at Perrotta consultants good service and good deals with free shipping.,an easy recommendation .


A 2W flea-powered amp will drive the KEFs but not drive them adequately. KEF specifies 15-180W to drive. McIntosh 600W amps can not drive them? My point is that the wattage ratings are basically a marketing ploy to reach the most potential customers who own lower-powered amps. Do KEF engineers actually believe that a 15W amp will properly drive a 4-ohm load and 86dB sensitivity? 

Secondly, you stated that the OP will be fine with his 70W amp. Do you own any of the new Metas? My advice to the OP is from experience and backed by a dealer. The Metas are power pigs and require tremendous power/current to make them sing. I'm not trying to pick a fight but be cautious. Offering such advice may be harmful/costly to the OP if they decide to spend this much money on a set of speakers and be disappointed. If you read my post, you will see that I made a stupid mistake!

I was so disappointed with the sound of my system that I brought my Luxman 590AXII to a local dealer because I thought the amp was broken. It was confirmed as perfectly functioning as we played it through the baby REF 1s. The presentation, especially the bass, was nonexistent. We then moved up to the Luxman 509X. Not much improvement. Finally, we powered the KEFs with the Luxman M10X. It was a WTF moment! The dealer smiled and stated, "These little guys need power."



But I'm not a fan of Hegel, but I am a huge fan of Anthony! 🤣

Hegel or other brand nobody likes everything, Kef is all plastic I would nevereven consider buying the 

look inside the crucial Xover doesnot even use Quality Xover parts.


87dB 4 ohm if we are to believe KEF. We are speaking here of the R3 Metas, which attractively sell for around $2K a pair. They are well-rated around the web. So as to avoid confusion, we are not talking about the KEF Reference series standmounts (at $9K or thereabouts.) You appear skeptical the Technics GaN FET at 70/140W at 8 ohms/4 ohms respectively is up to the task. And your example that a 200W Luxman isn't (against a different KEF speaker, BTW) but a $20K Luxman power amp has what it takes. And you question whether I'm giving bad advice?

O.K., there. (I see why this site gets to be the butt of jokes elsewhere.)

I give the OP the benefit of the doubt that before dropping his money on a new standmount system (and what sounds as if it will be a good one) he will try out the integrated amp he is interested in before committing to buy. I will observe that one

reviewer tested the R3s using an NAD M23 (a 200W Purifi Eigentakt "class-D" amp) with excellent results. I have similar spec standmounts (not the R3s, to be fair) and use similar spec integrated amps and find those power levels to be more than adequate.





I agree; we all can't like everything! However, regardless of construction, KEF has some of the most innovative engineering in the audio industry, which warrants some slack. They are definitely not my endgame speaker, but I'm happy with what they do and how they make me feel regarding musical enjoyment. 

Here is what I have learned from this thread. MC amplifiers are weak and KEF Metas are not a good choice in speakers. Yet a friend of mine in Denver has the KEF R3 Meta (no they are not plastic @audioman58) and he drives them with aplomb with a Simaudio Moon 250i V2  50wpc into 8 ohms class a/b. 


My apologies; I interpreted as the KEF Reference series. My opinion was directed solely to the Reference series. The more power KEFs get, the better they sound. 

I agree with Jeffreyw. I have found that without power the reference and the old r series want power.  The bass doesn’t develop without power.

I sold Kefs for years.  They sound very good with lees than a 100 watts.  The bass comes to life with power.  You think you are listening to a different speaker regardless of volume with power

The Kefs absolutely need power and not just brute want an amp that can swing between 2-8 Ohms because that is the R3’s performance range. I have the R3’s paired with a Parasound A23+ power amp great match but since you are seeking an intergrated the Parasound Hint 6 will serve you well and save you a ton of money over most everything else being suggested here.