Recommend a non-polite sounding amp / integrated

Looking for a a non-polite sounding amp / integrated. By polite I mean Denon, Musical Fidelity, Arcam. I had Rotel and Adcom and they were harsh. I was thinking about Pass (maybe is just very detailed) or a chip amp. Probably not digital or tube amp.

Integrated is okay as long as it does not have digital volume.

Price under 3K and driving a variety of easy to drive single driver speakers at 70-75dB in a small room.


If you want something extended but sweet, Luxman.  If you want something to say "HERE I AM" you want McIntosh

This post is an absolute mess, and I have no idea how to respond to it.  

Cambridge evo 150 comes in around that price and seems like it might fit the bill.  

@three_easy_payments that is what I'm listening to now (although I use a variation of the EL84 called SV83).  I think of it as accurate and full from top to bottom.  Maybe that is impolite.  😎


@cdc If you had nice Rotel or Adcom and they were "harsh", you likely have other issues going on with your source or speakers or room perhaps. You might try various amps and be right where you are right now.  Start at the front.  

What are you using for a source/player up front?

@carlsbad  I'm reflecting on my time with a Leben CS300xs.  The EL84's (often used in guitar amps) just gave a wonderful midrange "growl" that was anything but polite but amazingly musical.

Thanks all for the variety and unexpected amps I never knew existed. Would a "chip amp" make any sense? I listen to rock, pop, techno which has different criteria than acoustic and symphony music.

What got me thinking about amps was when I recently tried the Cyrus ONE amplifier. I never thought amplifiers could have such an impact on the sound.

Atoll, looks nice. I think class A will be hot. Also a lot more power than I need

Cambridge EVO also looks nice but I do not need / want all in one.

Schitt looks nice and will investigate further.

I have tried Naim, AVA, Parasound, and McIntosh 240.



Nix the digital volume.

What does that mean?




Try a tube integrated that uses EL84’s

That may be the best idea. Leben CS300xs is beautiful! How about a MiniWatt N3? I love tubes but am trying to avoid the maintenance and Russian tubes are a no go. How is the bass damping factor? The McIntosh 240 is beautiful but bass kind of flabby / under damped.



At the time I had B&W Nautilus. So yes, they were a problem. I hear Michi is super nice but more power / size etc. than I need. I am using a Philip’s VAM transport with a variety of Delta-Sigma and NOS DAC’s. Leaning more to NOS now.




Check out the Technics SU-G700M2. 


I checked around on pricing and if there's a BestBuy near you that carries it, they have the lowest price and a great and easy return policy compared to others. Don't let the fact that you can buy it at BestBuy deter you from trying it out.

All the best,

You might consider a NAD C399. It uses the excellent Hypex nCore Class-D amplifier modules. I have heard amps built with them them, and they were neither polite nor harsh.

I regret I have not heard the C399 itself, but it’s available from several places with a trial period.

For a little more money, one can get it with the plug-in streaming card, which also offers processing power to run DIRAC.

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Krell 300 integrated Amp 

very detailed controlled with a bit of natural warmth,

a excellent value , My friend bought his at Perrotta Consultants and got 

excellent service and price.

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I deleted my posts in this thread. My apologies for being part of the problem. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

No need for anyone to delete their posts just because a couple of members choose  to not understand what the OP is looking for. No reading between the lines needed. No need to acquiesce to some who want to make it more difficult than what it is:  a request for suggestions with some parameters set forth, some absolute, others not so much. 

All the best,

Not worthless to me. I got some good information here.


Thanks for the recommendation. I like the Technics brand and also understand digital amps can have more of a "direct" sound than analog. The only one I heard was great for detail retrieval and had no bass compare to analog. But other brands may be different.


My apologies for being part of the problem. 

Uncledemp. you are not. Don't let a few grouchy people ruin things here. What is right and what is wrong? It all depends on your point of view.




if you don’t like or agree with the parameters someone has stated they want then quit being part of the problem and just let those who want to try and help the person out with their suggestions.  Yes, there are many factors one usually considers, not the least of which is the room and treatments, but he didn’t mention them so it must not be important to them, or they are unaware of the impact they have on sound.  So instead of being hostile and insulting, why don’t you try to educate.  Everyone starts with limited knowledge on their hi-fi (mid-fi) journey, sites like this one should nurture and encourage instead of being, well, what you’re being like. Get off your high (fi) horse and either help out or butt out.  It’s reactions like yours that may make other members apprehensive to engage, quite the opposite of what should be happening!

I am a buyer for the cast off MC240 stricken by polite…

I would suggest …… color me flumoxxed….


Rogue or something w tube rectified power supply so you can roll your desired level of polite. 

@tomic601 good idea! Rogue or Cary integrated with tube rectifier stage. Used Cary SLI 80’s pop up all the time.

Belles Aria or Belles Aria Signature Integrated amps would probably fit the bill. Also if you want tubes the Quicksilver integrated uses EL84 tubes and sounds great!

My apologies for prior post.  I must have had a really bad day at work.  No excuse however.


I am a buyer for the cast off MC240 stricken by polite…

What does that mean? I am interested in your thoughts on this amp compared to other tube amps. It's the only tube amp I have heard in my system. I do not know what tubes McIntosh uses. The problem was flabby / underdamped bass. Never got beyond that to consider "polite" or not.

I agree room acoustics is one of the MOST important issues for good sound. So not to get off topic, in this thread just focusing on the amplifier.

I don’t know what Naim you tried, but to me your description of what you are looking for shouts NAIM. Try  Super Nait 3 and see. 

My post about the MC240 was snark as it is widely acclaimed and in demand as both a collectible and musical amplifier. i run a highly modified 1961 in one of my systems. Of course YMMV.

Best to you in your journey of music

@crustycoot ++++++++ there is quite frequently a NAIM preamp in front of my ancient MC240….. PRAT to wax on about…… Happy Holidays….


I urge you to try a fosi or topping chip amp. for $150 or much less, you may be happy. Little to lose

I have the Technics SU-G700mk2. It replaces and betters the vintage BAT VK-3ixSE pre with AR-V35 tube amp. It does exact what you are requesting. I do run this amp on my Forte III’s. I have not tried it on my Thiel CS2.4’s yet. The sound is powerful, live, clear (I mean CLEAR) smooth and effortless. 


  • Odyssey Khartago or Stratos 


  • used Cambridge Audio Edge A

For a non-polite amp that plays music (i.e. reproduces all the frequencies) I suggest you go for the Odyssey Khartago or Stratos recommended by @kennyc  above.

@fstein i googled what you threw out and i came up with nothing.  what brands/models are you referring to ?

@cdc  I took the opposite journey to your good self; I started off with the qualities you're looking for, but wanted more "polite".

I re-started my HiFi life after 20+ years with Naim, which is where I ended my first hifi journey. Didn't really enjoy the presentation as I once did when younger.

Switched to Atoll, the IN200 Signature another linked for you. This is a very energetic amp; definitely NOT polite 😊, although I see you don't need the 120w output. In that case, maybe look up Atoll's smaller sibling to the IN200; IN80. I've not heard this Atoll model myself, but The British Audiophile has reviewed the IN80 also and enjoyed it.

As I say, I've taken the opposite journey to you. I wanted a more polite, less in your face, balls to the wall presentation of the Atoll IN200, and ended up with a Marantz Model 30. Hope this gives some context.

Good luck with your search 👍

I had an LSA Time Warp for 3 weeks, purchased from Wally. It was horrible in my system....used passive, pre with gain, could not get it to do anything well. However, my best bud also bought one at same time ( on my recommendation no less ), and he loves his.

Yes, it is a Warp One.....And btw, what does 'non polite' mean ? My interpretation of a non polite amp would be the old Crown DC 300. 

Just as an fyi. I am enjoying a recent acquisition to my ’small’ amp collection ( small = quantity ). LOL. Not funny actually, as I have WAY too many amps ( and preamps ), all over my place. DIY FW F4, by my friend rawsonte ( keep all negative comments to your selves, ty ). It required me to use my Usher P307A, and the combination is EXTRAORDINARY. I will likely do a review / write up at some point, about my personal experiences with " where is the gain most important ", in a system. The answer is the source, of course. My best, MrD


Thanks for the re-recommendation on the Atoll. I will definitely see what I can do to get one. It gets a little tricky in that some are over 20 years old. Looks like the signature is the current model of the IN200 and IN50. Not sure if I need the newest model. I agree with you about Marantz so I think we are on the same page.

@mrdecibel is rawsonte Tim Rawson? I had one of his Aleph clones. We need more people like Tim. Agree on the Crown, haha.

UPDATE: This is going to take some time. The Leben CS-300XS replaces the CS-300 and costs $4,795.00. No matter how enamored, I’m not paying 5K ears unheard and no returns allowed. As an aside, seems Japanese prices have gone up crazy. I got a Teac PD 301 CD Player with FM Tuner USB for $421 and currently is $709 on Amazon.

Best Buy stopped selling the Technics SU-G700M2. Although maybe now it is called Panasonic-Technics SU-G700M2.

@cdc here's the link to Stoll's site, and the current version of the IN80 Signature. You may have to use Google Translate as the site is in French;