Can the MBL 101e be triamped?

Simple question, but of course there is more to it than that. I'm thinking that they can be bi-amped but I'm not sure if they can be tri-amped.

What I have in mind is the Verastarr SSA64. It's a 6 channel amp with all kinds of juice like the MBL's need, and can be actually be configured to run all 6 channels into one speaker (bridged) if the speaker can be tri-amped. Thus, I could buy 2 of them for $5k each and they would essentially work as monoblocks and for a lot cheaper than the MBL 9008 (or even 9007) monoblocks.

I'm not sure where this would take me in terms of sound quality but what little I can find about the SSA64 all seems rather positive.

See There has also been some discussion about the SSA64 here at Audiogon, but not much.
I wish they could be triamped.
I'm bi-amping mine using four Manley 250 monoblocks.
I think a single pair of Atma-Sphere MA-3s would sound quite nice with these speakers.
As you can see, the fact that I don't like box speakers or solid-state amplification is costing me a small fortune.
(But it's worth every penny :-)