Can You Go From Good To Dazzling

After years of not touching my system, I ended up rebuilding it. Two amps, a passive device, 2 CD players and 5 pairs of speakers later, I feel I am almost there. I have been playing with wires and the current batch are all very close. My perception is that I should be able to go from liquid, clean, neutral and musical to dazzling where the hairs on my neck stand up all the time. Is this a realistic goal or am I there with a very musical and liquid system that fills my room... and the speakers disappear? And can I do it without spending 1K per piece of wire?

CJ MF2250A alternating with CJ MV 60 (soon to be upgraded)
CJ PV 14L series 2
Audio Note CD player
Penaudio Charisma speakers
Alpha Core Micro Purl silver ICs
Supra Ply 3/4s speaker wires

I have gone through Goertz MI2 and AG1. Very accurate and clean, but no body. Maple Shade Double Helix. More body than the Goertz and possibly more quiet, but no better than the Supra. Acoustic Zen was open and airy but did not dazzle me. Am I going tone deaf?

I look forward to your comments.
The cables that dazzled me the most are nearly anything from Purist Audio Design. I have replaced every cable in my system with Purist over the last two years. All of the cables sound good, but the new Museaus is cheap and sounds great. If you want better you could check out the Venestus or the phenominal Dominus.

If I could afford it I would use all Dominus, but it is very expensive. I'm happy with my Proteus, Colossus and Museaus. The latter is only just broken-in but already has caused me to throw out my neck when I hear things I hadn't noticed before.

If it is possible, give these cables a listen. The first time I heard them a friend loaned them to me. He had been auditioning them but was unhappy with the sound. I gave them several more days of break-in and sat down to listen. After minutes of listening I swore I would buy them no matter how much they cost. When I found out how much they cost, I sent them back. My friend listened to them once they were broken-in and bought five or six pair of them. They take a while to break-in, but once there they're hard to beat.

It took several years before I could afford them. Then Purist upgraded their cables and lowered the prices. #@%&*#!!!
Timo, I have a pair of Oval 9's on go around. I will look into the 8's. By the way, are you Finnish or is this just another A'gon name?

Nrchy, I will check the Purist out. I must admit that it is very difficult to stay on top of all the wires.

Many thanks!