Can you run a subwoofer on multiple systems?

Wondering if it would be wise to run one subwoofer on two different systems in the same room. I am running two separate subwoofers now, but want to downsize things and do not run both systems at one time. So basically wondering if I can run one powered subwoofer through a switch selector for two different set ups.

set up one is a Mac 2105 with a Manley shrimp preamp (main system)
set up two is a audio engine A5 computer set up going through a Arcam Dac.

Thanks, is there any concern for loading condition on the other amp when it is turned off (or switched). I guess that was my main concern, since some people told me it would be a problem even if it is switched off because input impedance that can load down the other amp inputs.
You can certainly run the same sub on two systems using a switch but the problem is the adjustment. Since your two systems are so different, the setting on the sub will certainly be very different as well. What kind of sub do you have? Are you using audio filtering software on the computer?
I don't really have a problem with the adjustments since once I have the settings for both set up's it's a simple switch.

I will probably be getting a new sub, so open for suggestions, but here are my 2 set ups right now.

1. Computer set up: Audioengine 5's with the AE S8 sub, running through a Arcam DAC and using Amara.

2. Main set up, primarily vinyl, sometimes digital when I switch over the same computer set up: Focal profile 908 with an old Focal Cobalt SW8000 sub.

Thanks again
I run a pair of jl audio E112 subs in two systems (two channel and surround with pass through) and leave both connected all the time.

I even go one step farther and connect the high pass to my mains and using surround rout the 0.1 channels to the open line in on the subs and I have never had an issue of any kind and they say connected in auto on mode all the time. It works well. I can high pass two channel and for movies the subs are still high passed to the mains but also play the 0.1 channels.