DAC with multiple selective digital inputs

I’m looking for a DAC to replace my aging or should say retiring Moded MSB LInk 3 ( Burson Audio Discreet opamp replacements ,makes it livable.) . As this is a very old DAC and obviously not all that great anymore.

So i’m looking for something that will take multiple Digital Feeds from my: TV, Streamer / server (Currently a PC/NAS moving to a Blue sound vault 2 in the future), Blue ray player; the player only has digital out this is the main reason I have to upgrade now as my DAC will not take the hi’er rez outputs from the blue ray player (Sony
UBP X800). As I have three Digital devices I would like to put into one DAC my choices seem limited. Seems most DAC’s will take more then one input but not many let you switch.

1. TV is an Optical SPDIF.

2. PC based Server / NAS (main function Tidal streaming and NAS access) Optical SPDIF and USB (not 100% sure if it will output the audio on the usb probably dependant on the DAC and plug and play).

3. Sony UBP X800 4k Blue Ray is Coax SPDIF, HDMI Audio as well as Video. Has USB inputs only from the specs.

* the Vault has from what I’ve read Coax and Optical SPDIF as well as the Single ended of course.

I could live with out the TV but as my integrated only has three inputs I really need the DAC to perform as much of the Digital switching as possible.

I have a budget of $1000-$2000.

I tend to the detailed but warmer side of the sound spectrum (I do like my tube amps).

rest of the system is shown in my profile but the short list is:

Speakers; Living Voice Avatar 2

Integrated Amp: SET 300B based 8wch, Finale Audio F 3008.

Digital source. Asus mini PC ruining dedicated Audio build streaming Tidal and music on my NAS. outputting Optical SPDIF.

Analog: Garrard 301, Van Den Hull MC10 LOMC, 12" Jelco arm, IFI Iphono 2 (until I can afford a Steelhead but that’s a couple years down the road)

Wires are a mix of AudioNote Silver interconnects and Siltec speaker wires.


Oh should note my systems is a 2 channel system only, I only have my TV and Blue Ray in the mix as I live in a loft and do not have a separate TV room so the one area does it all. I do use the Sony player as a CD-SACD player as well as it is a multi format player but With tidal I prity much don’t use that much anymore.

MQA this could be something I would like to explore in the new DAC if possible

 because primarily of Tidal MQA output.
Look into a PS Audio Perfect Wave Dac mark II with Bridge 2. Used prices should be at the top of your price range. I use this Dac and love it. Loads of inputs. Bridge 2 module is Roon ready, and that is fantastic software. It also unfolds MQA.
Why not upgrade to a OPPO 105D, this kills all birds. You get a New Blue RAY/universal player with all the video bells and whistles, all the digital ins and outs you could ever use, and its a Stereophile rated A device because of its Dual Saber DACS, minimalist audio path with XLR and RCA analogue stereo outputs. You can easily add a music server/digital source via its USB 2.0 audio input. Its an amazing device with firmware updates, it will decode MQA , for the money its just not right! $1200.

P.S. I use a Jumbo Shrimp and a Chinook with a JA Michell Gyro SE as my analogue front end...its really amazing. 

Matt M
Benchmark DAC3 - the DX is all digital inputs or L is an option if you need a couple of analog channels too....HT bypass function is a calibrated analog in and out that allows you to use the analog input and volume control from another device.
Re: Oppo, oh no, not again. It is what it is and it ain't what it ain't.


i'm not interested in the Oppo I feel for that kind of money a stand alone DAC is the way to go. and the sony is actually very good for what I need as far as picture quality and as it only outputs digital audio, I can tailor the sound to the DAC. I did consider the Oppo DAC but it wont do the inputs I need. 

Yeah the Chinook is on my short list as well but I may hold out for the steelhead as it will do somethings I need better then the Chinook like more then one MC input as I will be running two tone arms and carts soon.