Cardas Clear or Straight Wire Crescendo III Balanced Interconnects .


Has anyone had the opportunity to compare these side by side or heard both in a familiar system? Any thoughts? 
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I’d put these AZ Silver Refs on your list.  Read the reviews, and if they don’t work out you can just sell them for little/no loss.  I’ve been using these in my system for years and they ain’t going nowhere — wonderful combination of natural detail/air with great imaging/3D soundstage, tonality, and tight/tuneful bass.  It’s the total package IMHO.  Just another option to ponder FWIW, and best of luck.

I am famiar with recent Cardas and not quite as recent Straightwire. Straightwire will be more detailed and not tipped sonically either way. The Cardas will be tipped towards the warm side.

I’ve owned the Straight Wire Crescemdo 3s for years. Have them quad wired for my speaker cables and XLR interconnects for my cdp amps and pre. Phenomenal cables. Awesome sound stage. Deep bass very detailed. Many many great reviews online. Highly recommend. The only thing I would replace them with are the Audio quest Dragons speaker cables and ICs. So for now they are definitely here to stay. U can check out my system on my profile.