Cart for TW Acustic 10.5 ?

Hi there. I am looking for a cart for a 10.5. I haven't had much experience with the more expensive MC's but my favourite so far has been the Miyabi standard which I chose in preference to an XV1-s and Akiva. I found the Miyabi standard to be very natural and more about music with a lovely lush midrange and a slight warmth.

I would like something similar again, a musical and rounded sound that take you to the heart of the music rather than over-etching and drawing attention to detail too much. I don't want anything too slow and mellow though. It has to be fairly precise to get everything into the right place with superb timing.

The miyabi standard isn't available and I sold my last one so I was wondering if the 47 was similar ? Or maybe a Benz offering or the Blue Angel Mantis ? The 10.5 is a medium mass i think (14g) and supposed to be fairly neutral and lively so the cartridge shouldn't be too up front and needs to be pretty smooth and slightly warm I would say. I don't think it works so well with Koetsus so that rules them out which is a shame.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

I have a TW 10.5 and I have tried three different cartridges. The Dynavector XV-1s, Miyabi/47 and my current cartridge Ortofon MC Windfeld.

None of the Miyabi's are available new anymore.

From your discription I think you might like a cartridge from the Miyajima company which is very good and works very well with the TW arm. Another option could be something from Allaerts.
I have tried ortofon A90, Zyx omega gold & dynavector xv-1s & my preferred cart with 10.5 is XV-1S.
I have used the Ortofon Black Credenza with this arm and have been very pleased. I believe it provides the type of sound you are looking for - musical and rounded.