Cartridge recommendations for TW Acustic 10.5 arm.

TW Acustic 10.5 tonearm owners with Raven One: What are your top recommendations for very low output moving coils? Anyone especially have experience with the Benz Ebony TR (.1mv) or the Miyajima Kansui (.23mv)?
Opus..I suppose you have a pre that can accomodate that very low output cartridge. I love my Benz LPS MR
Yes, the EAR 88PB phono preamp, with 72 db gain indicated, and this is conservative.
The Miyajima Kansui was used on the TW 10.5 at this years RMAF. I listened to it a lot that weekend and thought is sounded great. It tracked everything they threw at it without a problem, and it did so without much surface noise, at least all the records sounded squeaky clean. Extensions on both ends were very good. Bass was tight and full. Great midrange, voices were great.
Chris,I'm pretty much sold on the Raven One, but am still trying to gather information and impressions on both arms, the Phantom 2 Supreme and the TW Acustic 10.5, along with synergistic cartridge matches before reaching my decision.
Got you Jeff. You don't have to decide until you are ready. I suspect that whatever way you go will bring you pleasure.
I am using an Allaerts MC2 finish on a Raven 10.5 . Now with the Pass XP25 all I can say is that is so close to end game (I wonder if this time it is true) as I do. The hear where to improve. Detail, phenomenal bass, dynamics, natural sound & what I find to be neutrality. You can't tell outside the context of the complpsystem but if there is a weak link I haven't found it.
I've been using a ZYX Universe X for a couple years. I also have a Triplanar with a second Universe which I took off the table about a year ago. I like using the 10.5 more than the triplanar except for the the lack of an arm lock at the rest position. Solution - I leave the lift "up" all the time so it is not a big deal and it is one less thing to vibrate which is the biggest issue with the Tri IMO.

I have read several times on audiogon posts that the Universe is an easy cart for an arm to handle FWIW.
I received an email from Thomas at TW this week saying my DV XV-1S works well with the 10.5 on the Raven 1 and he has used this combo himself.
I currently own the Dynavector XV-1S. It is a very fine cartridge, however, I'm curious about the Kansui and the very low output Benz. Based on the resonance frequency chart at the Kansui might constitute a better match with the 10.5 arm than the Benz. I realize other factors can also have a significant bearing on ultimate satisfaction.
I've lived with the Kansui on the TW arm boarded onto the TW Raven Limited for about 2 months now. My only prior cartridge experience was with the Lyra TItan. Kansui relegates the Lyra to mere hi-fi: Kansui makes music. Note that it is very sensitive to VTA setting, which is a dialing pleasure on the TW arm.
Dr_john...With that 10.5/TW Raven Limited/Kansui combo, I'm interested in knowing if the sound conveys somewhat of a warm, supple, easy to listen to quality. Would you also please tell me what your electronics and speakers are? Sincere thanks.