Cartridge for stock Technics 1200G tonearm

This TT has been out for quite awhile. Cartridge recommendations for the stock arm supplied with the 1200G would be appreciated.
It can be any mid compliance cartridge, just do not buy low compliance and high compliance cartridges. Recommendations are already on audiogon in many posts regarding this turntable and tonearm, use seach option. This is what has been posted recently: 
what is the issue with a low compliance cartridge- as long as the resonant frequency is ~ 10Hz?  
I'm using an Ortofon Cadenza blue on the GR, compliance is 12 um / mn and the calculated resonant frequency is 9.6Hz.  so far it tracks and sounds great. 

No problem, but 12cu is not the lowest compliance and normally low compliance cartridges are also too heavy for stock headshell to balance it. For example my low compliance Argent MC500HS is 8cu (7gr weigh) and it was impossible to use with most of the headshells.  

Anyway here is the article about it

It’s important to know cartridge compliance measured at 10Hz (not at 100Hz). If the compliance measured at100Hz (it must be stated in the cartridge manual) then multiply it on 1.7 to transfer it to 10Hz compliance. Then anyone is free to calculate resonance frequency. I do that with my Cardas LP.

High compliance cartridges (30-40cu) are lightweigh ones, you may need silicone fluid damper to use it not Technics tonearm which is not optimal for high compliance cartridges.

So it’s "safe" to use Mid Compliance carts with stock shell on this tonearm, that’s pretty easy.
I am going to listen to Ortofon cadenza bronze.  I will let you know how it sounded
I am going to listen to Ortofon cadenza bronze.  I will let you know how it sounded.  I agree the stock headshell seems to be the one that works with this table
I'm using a Soundsmith MIMC* on my 1200g and find it to be a good match with an LP gear Zupreme  headshell. First rate sound in all parameters.
the cadenza bronze sound great on the 1200g.  I am getting one.  The lower mids are beautiful and much better than the Lyra,it  is not tipped forward is pretty neutral with a slight hint of warmth.  might be a last cartridge.  lol. great tracker 
I think the Lyra would sound especially good through a tube phono preamplifier
@tzh21y No, Lyra would not sound good via a tube phono. You want to know what bright is? Listen to Lyra through the 6922 tube.
If if you want to stick to MC, I recommend Audio Technica ART9, or any van den Hul.
really....  I would think a warmer sounding phono tube pre would do wonders with this cartridge.  Not on a 1200G, maybe a VPI.  The cadenza sounded wonderful.  Great cartridge.
@tzh21y With tubes one gets to enjoy that tube sound and mystical/magical open loop design. But at the same time sound takes a severe hit from the coupling caps and transformers. And there are no tube phonos suitable for low output MCs on the market.

Sound will further have to be mucked up by hybrid designs (what's the point?), head amps (no longer made), and step up transformers. 
I have a GR and am running the Ortofon Cadenza Blue which is very dynamic and has an open, more forward midrange that I like.  I did try my ART9 too and it sounds fantastic and some ways better that the Ortofon but is still a little bass heavy, slightly recessed midrange and slightyl brighter high end.  The ART9 is the cartridge world giant slayer.  
There is probably one more cartridge for Technics fans worldwide, headshell integrated model (with azimuth and overhang adjustments) -Technics 205c mk4 MM. Perfect match for Technics tonearm, very rare and almost impossible to find with good suspension, but Jico SAS and NEO SAS styli available now. Here is an old picture of my samples. I've tried the original (the best), axel's rebuild version, jico sas.   
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Just got a email from KAB they have the fluid tonearm damper for the G now. Does anyone thing it would help dampen the tone arm. I tested mine with the ART9 and Yamamoto HS4 head shell and on the Ortofon test record it was 8 - 9 hz which is pretty good

I had the damper on my old 1200mk2, worked great.  Thanks for sharing, as I would like to try one on my 1210GR.
+1 for the ART 9.  I have mine mounted on a LP Gear Zupreme head shell for my 1200G.  The ART9 is currently my every day cart.  I would love to own a Van den Hul some day.  It's been awhile since I've heard one, but I recall its sound to be a higher quality ART9.  Both are very well balanced and easy to listen to.
I have the KAB tonearm damper on my 1200g, I did a quick AB test, before and after I added the oil. Improved three dimensionality of sound, tighter base. Installs in minutes, beautifully made, looks like part of stock arm - delighted with it. 
+1 on the KAB damper just arrived earlier this week and installed on my 1200GR. As with the similar KAB damper installed on my SL 1200 mkII, better imaging and tighter bass with the subs. Very three dimensional. 
I’ve got the upscale sister model to the SL-1200mk2, the SL-1700mk2, which has essentially the same tonearm as the SL-1200G.  The Audio Technica VM540ML on the Technics headshell sounds fantastic. Added bonus of the micro line contact stylus is extra long stylus life - 800 hours compared to 300 for elliptical styli. I’m about to install the KAB fluid damper, expecting good things from it.