Cartridge recommendation please...

Jettisoned most of my record albums 20 years ago, but am considering a return to vinyl. I've dusted off my old but fully operational TT and would like to mount a new MM cartridge.

Technics SL-1300 Direct Drive turntable
The TT would be mated to a Parasound 200 Pre, with a Parasound 2125v2 amp.
Speakers are PSB Silver i's, with an occasional switch to Vandersteen 1's for variety.
No current plan to add a separate phono preamp.

Jazz, classic soul/r&b, light rock is my preferred type of music.
I'm OK to trade some bass for better vocals and higher end clarity.
As my A'gon name suggests, I do not listen at elevated levels.

The SL-1300 currently has an equally old AudioTechnica cartridge (no obvious markings).
I'd like to target a cartridge in the $300 neighborhood.
Will get an additional headshell for whatever cartridge is purchased.
Any cautions for install, or brands to exclude?
If I've done it correctly, here's a link to the TT owners' manual.

I can certainly get recommendations from local retailers, though their choices would be for cartridge brands that they carry. My preference is to use the experience of... and hear from... the wider audience reading this post. Thanks much!
I have been thrilled with the entire line of Goldring carts. I started with their MMs and have moved all the way up to the Ethos. I have always been impressed and yet to find a cart below $2,000 that comes close for my ear.
If I were using you’re setup,I would definitely have a look at the Soundsmith line.

It’s now your fault that I probably will buy one of these,

however, the 3000 says 4.7mv signal, the 4000 says .7mv signal.

I’ve seen it before and I can confirm that .7mV signal is a misprint in the documents. Check my sold listing for more info.

■ Pickering XSV/4000 Output is 4.9 mV (THIS IS CORRECT OUTPUT * )

■ * You have find misinformation in the internet regarding an output of the XSV/4000 series, I have original booklet from Tosy Corporation (Japan) with comparison chart of several top of the line Pickering cartridges, the output of the XSV/4000 is 4.9mV (not 0.7 mV as stated by mistake is some manuals online, it was a typo). The XSV is a high output series, while the low output series is XLZ. The Output of the XSV/4000 is 4.9 mV and this is correct information from the printed catalog.

I’ll tell you more: last week I just opened the sealed box and mounted my XSV/4000 for a friend who bought it. I checked the carts and it’s a HIGH OUTPUT moving magnet. Don’t believe anyone who will repeat that it’s low output, it’s not true.

I can confirm the Soundsmith Otello as a great choice for your table with a caveat. I had to add weight to the counterweight to get a good static VTF. Pretty easy to do. KAB and Technics both make thread on auxiliary counterweights. Once properly mounted this is an excellent performer. Outdoes Nagaoka, Shure, Grado woods, and ATs of similar price range. A superbly balanced performer at that price range.