Cartridges that work best on an OL Encounter MK3C?

Working on getting back into vinyl. With many hours of research and reading reviews the Origin Live Encounter MK 3C appears to offer the best performance/price ratio for new tonearms. I have already purchased an Allnic H-1200 so a low output MC is preferred. My price limit is the cartridge should not exceed the cost of the tonearm. As always I appreciate your time and responses!
Nice arm. OL recommend some cartridges on its website-check it out. If it were my choice, Ild go for a Lyra.
I have been using an Encounter Mk3c on my OL turntable for the past year. During this time I have used different cartridges on the arm and it performed well with each one (all were of appropriate mass and compliance). I have moved up to and presently use a Benz Ebony H with excellent results.
Drrsutliff-I love your system!!! Please don't take offense... do you feel your missing something with the OL-Aurora mk2? The OL-Calypso is on my short list of tables. Did you ever use a Dynavector-20x2 or Goldring Legacy on the Encounter? If you did what were the results?
I am using an OL Encounter on my Basis 1400. Current cartridge is Benz Micro Glider SL. Very nice match. Phono pre is Heed Quasar.