Carver sunfire signature / Sanders Magtech

Still have my sunfire, been recapped at Flannerys, fixed loose ansformer at sounds classic in rockford.
its an amazing amp to say the least,
been looking at the Magtech again.  Thinking yet again bt selling the sunfre and getting the Magtech

please post yor honest thoughts. 

Yr opinions matter, sound, reliability, depth, mids, lows, etc.
have the sanders preamp, she is superb, but would mating the pre woth the Magtech be better than the sunfire with the B&K pro-10mc

help and thank tou
I haven’t heard the Magtech, only the previous generation with the InnerSound brand.

My impression then was they were very revealing, with impressive dynamic range and impossible to perturb. Quiet and ran stone cold.

On the other hand, I found no sweetness or midrange color or warmth at all. I never could really fall in love with them. Oddly, an area where some Class D amps are better, as well as the Parasound line.

This was not the same line, and a very long time ago, so don’t take it as gospel.
  I have owned Sanders Magtech monoblocks for four years, no problems with reliability. I like them so much I recently bought the Sanders preamp to go with them. I high recommend both the amps and the preamp...I replaced McIntosh separates as I prefer the Sanders detail and accuracy.