Cary 300SEI drive LS3/5A?

Have some Spendor LS3/5A's and want to set up smaller system. Dont know the ohm rating on the speakers, but they are not the 15 ohm variety and are about 15 yrs old. Will the Cary 300SEI integrated amp with WE300B drivers (11W) drive them or am I dreaming? Will listen to mostly voice & small ensembles at reasonable volumes on this system. Thanks.
LS3/5As are very particular about QUALITY of amplificaton and not necessarily quantity. Should work fine in a smaller space. Have not run your amp, but have run LS3/5As in many venues. Seen them trash 100 wpc of Pioneer amplification and yet loving a 20 wpc NAD 3020. Good luck.
I heard LS3/As sound wonderful run by the Audio Note 300B kit amplifier...about 9 watts per channel. As I don't know your listening habits, try to hear before buying. Good Luck!
Thanks, guys. I run all SE, all NOS, all hard wired in main system - TNT4 Graham Joule ESP spkrs etc. Yes, I have very picky ears, but have been captured by the Spendors in this second system and would like to feed them what they deserve. I have an Aleph 3 from a friend on them now,and its a great 'lil piece for SS, but have always harbored a hankering for a 300SEI in a second system. Although AN is certainly an intriguing possibility...Thanks again. Any further thoughts are appreciated.
Asa, if the Spendor LS3/5A are anything like the Rogers namesake I used to have, they are indeed 15ohm /88db -- or thereabouts. Lots of current is useful.
The Cary looks -- on paper, at least -- as if it can drive them well; 300 amps usually have a lot of current...
This said, I never tried the Spendors (or the Rogers, for that matter) on the Cary. I drove my Rogers with a small Jadis.
Good luck!
Just saw Gindi's review of Airtight ATM300 8W SE amp in Ultimate Audio mag driving the exact, 15 yr old Spendors - imagine the luck - and it seems there should be no problem with the Cary at 11W, and particularly given the current issue brought up by Gregm. That seems to wrap up the thread. Now, does any one know someone out there w/ a Airtight ATM 300 they'd like to sell, because...its a sickness, isn't it?