Cary 306-200 Mod - My Impressions

While I am not a regular contributor to these threads, I have read them for years as an avenue for information to build/improve my system. I recently had my Cary 306-200 modified by Dan Wright at ModWright. Prior to the mods my system sounded very good, but the music was not making the emotional connection with me that I was looking for. The modifications consisted of 1) Upgrading the rectifiers to FREDs 2) Installing a snubber circuit for the monolithic diode bridges 3) Upgrading key PS caps to Black Gates 4) Damping mods for chassis and transport 5) Installing AC bybee filters in main AC supply and 6) Upgrading the output stage op-amps. The price was $750 + shipping. The following changes were significant: Bass improved in resolution and depth. Music now has weight and solidity. Much quieter background leading to increased resolution. The sound is more neutral across the spectrum and more influenced by tube rolling in the downstream components. Improved PRAT, the foot is tapping whenever the music is playing and it sounds like music. There are subtle improvements in the top end. Cymbals have a little more air and shimmer. The very small amount of grain in the high end has disappeared. I noticed no detectable differences in depth or sound staging. Most importantly, I found the emotional connection I was looking for. In my system these mods were well worth the money. I also found Dan Wright to be a pleasure to work with. Work was done in the time frame promised and all communications were promptly answered. I am a happy customer.
Congrats! I had a Cary 303 and it was very very solidly buillt (35 lbs!) and the inside looked very well laid out. I decided to sell it to finance a modded universal player (still in the works) but I had always wondered about modding it. Glad to hear that there is still opportunity to improve the parts of these Cary players. In my 303, I had wished for a more refined top end, tighter bass, and better coherency and musicality.
I am delighted that you are so impressed and happy with the mods. I hope to hear it soon. I am considering upgrading an older used CD player to a more recent version, but it was considered given the price I paid. The real question is can you make the proverbial silk purse from a sow's ear. There are many mods for already good but inexpensive players (no I won't say which but you know them).
Hi Jsala -
Did you know what mods you wanted to have done? Or, did Dan Wright make recommendations based on what you told him you would like to hear?

Oldpet - In late October or early November I saw that Dan Wright had a modified Cary 306-200 for sale on Audiogon. Based on that I contacted him via e-mail and we corresponded on the mods. I told him I was looking for a fuller, more relaxed sound. He indicated he had two mod packages that would address what I was looking for, one for $400 and one for $750. I opted for the full blown mod and have not regretted it for one instant.