Duelund DCA12GA 600Vdc used as speaker cable: first impressions

So, I was considering trying some Duelund cable for my speakers, and was hesitating between the 12ga and the 16ga.

Then, some friend gave me some short lengths of the 12Ga 600vdc version, just enough to wire one channel (I actively bi-amp my system, well tri-amp if you count the subs) and what I heard immediately prompted me to purchase more of that 600Vdc version. My friend also used it with very high sensitivity horns, and actually preferred it to the normal, oiled cotton Duelund cable. To him (and reading here and there it appears he’s not the only one) the 600Vdc version sounds darker, but more contrasted.

For context, my system is fully horn loaded (except the subs), actively tri-amped, using tiny class D amps for amplification, and main source is CD - DAC is a Gustard X26Pro. Extremely revealing and in the bright / upfront / dynamic side of things.

So here are my impressions after 24 hours of inserting the new cable in my system:

1) even brand new, there are none of the nasties one generally hears with brand new cables - I’ve been told they need some time to break in, but they sound good out of the box, in my system at least.

2) Compared to my previous cable (Chinese "Odin") there is less dynamics in the attacks of notes. It is slightly rounded. That is probably the only thing that is a bit less good.

3) tonal balance is fantastic. The best I’ve ever had with my system. Not dull, just slightly dark but not veiled!

4) Coherency is flawless. My system now has the coherency of a very good passive speaker.

5) "flow" is very very good; VERY musical, music just goes through in all its glory.

6) detail is all there but more integrated in the music and doesn’t scream for attention

7) stereo image is less wide but more coherent, more realistic. There is less of a "magnifier" effect. Ambience is extremely present, very very good sense of recorded space! It is actually amazing for ambience, I don’t recall any other cable ever doing this so well

All in all, I’m very happy with the cable. Remember this is the 600Vcd version, not the normal cotton dielectric version. This cable just allows me to focus on the music and not on the system. And I’ve been listening to every possible genre, it works with absolutely everything! I’ve had goosebumps with acoustic tones, but I’ve also blasted some Nirvana and techno and hip-hop, it seems to make the best out of any style, any recording.

Of course, my system is not the most common, and I suspect I just found some kind of perfect synergy, so as always, YMMV. But it’s a cheap cable, so I’d say it’s worth trying (with the benefit of being able to make some power cables out of it if you don’t like it!)



I wired my speakers and made cables from my external crossovers to the speakers using this wire.  Excellent stuff.


I have used this cable it’s warm but not the last word in detail especially low level detail, the Wireworld eclipse I compared it to the Wireworld is a awg9 cable but besides that the Wireworld is a better balanced cable ,the same applies to their interconnects , what many people get lost on is the connections ,

many companies use gold over brass which is NG  ,Copperis 3 x betterconductor and better sounding.the Wireworld and Shunyata and others use silver over Copper which are exceptional conductors.

Those class D amps are easily the weak point in your system. Just ask any of the audio snobs here. 🧐

@roadcykler maybe, or maybe not. I believe when budget is very limited, a well designed class D is preferable to a cheap class AB. I have tried a lot of amps, there is something magical about what a well implemented TA2024 chip does when connected to a 105dB horn.

In any case, I love being able to leave them ON 24/7. No issues, no heat, no huge electricity bill, and great sound.