Cary SLI-80 and B&W 805S, good match?

I'm thinking of pairing these two components. Do you think it could be a good match? what are your thoughts on this. Also have a subwoofer Rel Strata III. Musical
Preferences are classical (symphonies, concerti, piano, chamber) and some jazz and pop. Room is small, 10'x15'x8'.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
I'm not sure B&W 805's would be the first speaker you'd think of when pairing with an 80 wpc tube integrated. (The 805's tend to like quite a bit of SS power). But as 805's have very limited bass anyway, & as you'd be using them with a sub, in a small room, I'd say, go for the Cary.

But then, I'm a big Cary fan. A nice used SS integrated, like a Plinius, would make more sense probably in a larger room, or w/o a sub.....
I tried the sli 80 F1 on my 800D and they sounded fine with a little lack of bass vs. my 250 ss mono amps so go for it. You should be fine.
It would be a very good amp for your 805s'. I had 805 signatures with a Cary SLI-80 Signature F1 and it was fine. I have since sold the speakers and now have Kharma ce 3.1's. I STILL have the Cary and it's not going anywhere. Peace and Good Listening, Pat.
Thank you for all the responses, looks like I won't have any issue with the SLI-80 driving the 805S. Thanks again.
By the way Pat, is your SLI-80 F1 the direct coupled or non-direct coupled version? do you know which are the pros and cons of either version? Thank you.