Cary SLI-80 Signature and EL34s

I'm a fan of EL34s and would like to hear from owners of this amp who tried it with EL34. What did you set the bias as and what were the overall results.

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Nice, but not as overall clear and sparkling as with 6550s or as dramatic as KT88s. I used Svetlana =C= EL34s from Upscale, Pope drivers, Amperex 7308s and Mullard GZ37 rectifiers. Merlin monitors. I set the bias at 70mA. Tremendous vocals. YMMV.
Oops. My mistake. Should have looked at the box first. SED =C=, not Svetlana. .
My experience was similar in terms of sound quality. Ended up preferring KT88 in triode mode. Doesn't hurt to try.
I recently purchased this amp and it came with EH KT88s.
I agree that they have better bottom end and more extended highs but they don't have the delicacy and purity of EL34s.

Oh well, tube rolling time! Ain't life grand ; )
quote] Oops. My mistake. Should have looked at the box first. SED =C=, not Svetlana] end quote

Both are Svetlana! Aren't they?
Yes, you are correct. I've several things going on at one time. Sorry if I've confused you. I used the EHs, had them blow and take out a few capacitors. Not the best tube, but that's my opinion. I like the Tung Sol 6550 reissue and the Gold Lion KT88 reissue. To my ear, rolling the 6922s had the most effect in tailoring sound followed by the outputs then the drivers. It's a fun amp.
The Cary SLI-80 I bought has all the original tubes. I believe it's about 3 years old and I'm not sure what kind of use it got. Either way, it's time to retube. As it stands I find it a bit harsh and I blame it squarely on the EH KT88s but the fun part is yet to come....
It's not the KT88's. I have the F1. Replace the rectifier tubes and the 6922's. I have 1950's GE rectifiers and Ediswan 6922's also from the 1950's (I think). From Upscale audio. The amp is smooth and lush but not mushy or slow. Oh yeah, I changed the Chinese 6SN7's with EH gold pins. You'll love it. Peace and Good Listening, Pat.
Akanrg- Here's the scoop on Winged 'C' tubes: ( It's good to know what iteration of a particular tube you have from them(when it was manufactured), as there have been swings in quality over the years. I'm using the latest version of the =C= 6550's and can't be happier(WELL- maybe with a matched octet of NOS TungSols.....).

Thanks for the wise advice. I replaced the original Sovtek 6922 tubes with Emperex JAN 7308 and the improvement in the sound is BIG! Now it's time to find good, NOS rectifier tubes without braking the bank ;-)