Cary SLP-05 vs Dodd Battery Pre

Does anyone have any comparison on these two? I currently own the SLP-05.
Ditto,and if you haven't allready?? add a Revelation Audio Silver Umbilical Cord in place of the stock one....
really up on the Dodd?

Yes, I ave the Revelation Silver Umbilical and also have Pope Holland Tubes installed.

What would be an upgrade then?
At this level you rarely get better, just different based on your own likes and dislikes. What is it about the Cary that leaves you wanting to upgrade?
Probally a few ..Isoclean.. fuses to top it off..Would be a subtle tweak but still positive...

I'm sure you have a super great Rectifier tube installed in the power supply,since you are using Pope tubes....

Question...are the Pope tubes the holy grail in the 05 preamp.I'm using the NOS Russian 1959 6sn7's(6H8C) in mine with great results.
I take it then that you're not running the Cary balanced. It mates exceptionally well with the 120S, running balanced; OK with the 211 monos, and is a mess with the 805's, IMO. I think (no experience) the Dodd would be a better match with any SET amp.
In my opinion, having owned the Cary, and just heard the Dodd (on several occasions), the Dodd is a vast overachiever; while the Cary is a very good preamp, especially run balanced. A slightly different flavor of neutral tie, IMHO, if using the RCA's only.
I'm an SET guy. The Dodd reminds me of the linestage in my Manley Steelhead, which I love (with my Cary 306Pro). Since I only need one input other than the phono, this suits me fine.
In anticipation of your question, whether or not the linestage of the Steelhead would be an upgrade from one of the (SE) stages of the Cary would be heavily dependent on what amp you're using. KT88 based amps, or the like, I would lean toward the Cary. Low powered, the Dodd.
I have the fuses...Mullard NOS rectifier as well. Yes, the Popes are THAT good IMO. I would like a little more transparency and soundstage but really like the "warmth" it provides with my 300w Class A SS mono blocks (Clayton M-300).
I'm a little slow on the uptake here. So, are you guys saying the Dodd is one up on the Cary SLP-05 or the other way around?
I'm using high powered SS Class A amps. Do you still think the Cary will prevail over the Dodd?
Why would you think the Cary won't prevail over the Dodd if you're using high powered amps?
I have had the Dodd it was decent certainly not in the Cary
slp 05 class .With the Cary put in some high quality Silver fuses as well as your other gear , and have 2 Bybee
purifiers installed after your IEC multi pin connector .A very nice improvement especially lowering the noice floor
for even better microdynamics .

As far as installation of the 2 Bybee purifiers after the IEC multi pin connector, is this done by Cary or it can be DIY?