cayin265ai .Im thinking of buying any advice

Im looking for advice on the cayin 265Ai. Im really only looking for an excuse to buy this amp so anything on it would be welcome Thank you
My Cayin 265Ai is a truly remarkable product... it's bested a Bel Canto eVo2i and PS Audio PCA-2/HCA-2 combo among many other worthy models, particularly in the mid-range to high-end. Bass is full and extended, but not quite as detailed as that of the HCA-2 which produced the best bass I've EVER heard in my system.

The Cayin's class A topology and lack of negative feedback probably contribute to its superb transparency. It uses a dual mono design with big transformers and 80,000 microfarads of capacitance, and the soundstage is HUGE - great dynamics and oodles of power reserve. I'm driving 89dB monitors in a medium-sized room and the power on tap is phenomenal - it really belies its modest 40wpc rating. It seriously feels more like 150wpc.

HIGHLY recommended, arrange for an audition!
I had the 265ai and for the money it is ok it gets hard sounding when you push it. on a scale of 1 to 10 imho it is a 4.I hope this helps.

What was the sensitivity of your speakers and how big is your room?
topperstopper, do you think the 265ai then would find it difficult to drive my vienna acoustics mozarts, rated 4ohm, 90db?
I have owned a Cayin amp (not the 265) for many years and can say it's beautifully put together, rugged and amazing sounding!