CCR Remastered

I have Creedence Clearwater Rivival - Chronicle Volume 1. (This is a Greatest Hits CD.)

When at a store the other day I noticed this CD on display with a sticker that said "Remastered". I know there was a big remaster of CCR a couple years ago, but that was individual albums, not the greatest hits, so this sticker caught my eye. Looking at the back of the CD, it stated it was remastered in 1994.

While this isn't as recent as I'd like, this is more recent than the one I have. Has anyone compared these two versions?
The SACD's from Acoustic Sounds are very good and still available. I recently saw a new Greatest Hits compilation which was new in 2009 which does say remastered. This disc contains the Top 40 mono versions which will sound somewhat different. I've only heard the disc on headphones at Barnes & Noble and can't speak to the quality of the actual disc.
CDs remastered in the 1994 time frame can not sound nearly as good as CDs being digitally remastered today from the original tapes in 24-bit PCM technology. Any CD of older music was "remastered". That's how the music gets on to CD media. Your CCR Chronicle Vol 1 was first put on to CD in 1994 most likely using state of the art equipment at the time. Not 24-bit but probably 16 bit. Today, CDs are being digitally remastered to 24-bit technology and many do sound so much better than their original CD releases. There are a number of CCR CDs being sold as newly digitally remastered. I have CCR-Pendulum and it does sound a lot better than the original Pendulum CD I had purchased years ago in 16-bit. This was digitally remastered in 2008 and released by Concord Music Group.

Now taking this a step further, SACD Direct Stream Digital technology presents an entirely new way of reproducing music. With DSD SACD technology, you get something like 2,822,400 samples per second with frequency response extending out theoretically to 100,000hz (20,000hz with conventional CDs) and dynamic range achieving 120dB across the entire audible range (96dB with conventional). The result is superior audio performance. As Hifigy states, you can now purchase CCR in SACD format from Acoustic Sounds. I plan to start replacing my older CCR CDs with these over time.

SACDs are particularly important for older recordings and albums. Those need it the most such as CCR, etc. Hope this helps.
I own the CCR SACD's and the Recently released remastered ones along with several other iterations (gold, etc).

The new remastered CD's FAR out class the SACD's.
With greater frequency extremes and soundstaging.
These recordings now have a very fresh sound.
The SACD's sound very dull compared to them.
If interested I will sell the SACD's for 1/2 price each.
Thanks guys. Pdn, I realize the differences of CD and SACD, I don't have a setup for SACD though.

This CD I saw in store stated that it was remastered in 1994, my copy at home does not say this, so I was questioning if it was of greater sound quality, clearly I agree that more current remasters would be better.

With the above information, I will look for something more current, whether it is the Chronicle I CD or some other Greatest Hits CD, I really wasn't looking to purchase all the individual CD's.

Thanks, Brian
The remastered were about $10 each at BB.
$60 bucks total for the best sounding versions so far...
The sacd's are hybrids so they play on a regular cd player. They are really good and were re-mastered by Steve Hoffmann, one of the most highly regarded re-master engineers. While i haven't heard the latest re-masters, sometimes people think a louder recording is better as some re-masters sound good initially but become fatiguing as they are compressed and lack dynamics. Turn the sacd's up to compare.