Remastered My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Anybody gotten a copy of this yet? How does the sound quality compare to the original vinyl? I have a great LP copy but the added tracks are tempting. Think they'll release the remaster as a 2LP set?

I graduated college in 1981 and MLITBOG was my first real life music purchase...
Armstrod, I have the original, did not know about the remastered version.

I laugh my head off every time I hear the "Jezebel Spirit" cut. (Very well, you are possessed.)

Let me know if you go for the new version and how it sounds.

It's already on its way from Amazon...I'll A/B it with my 1981 vinyl and report back...
Received my copy today. Far more energy at both frequency extremes than the LP, which I would expect since CDs don't have to cope with the RIAA curve. However, the vocals seemed to stay at about the same level, so they get kind of buried in the mix. They talk in the liner notes about the sourcing of the vocal samples and the effect they were seeking, so perhaps this is closer to the way they originally envisioned the sound. It's neither better nor worse - just very different from the vinyl. Overall audio quality is very good - no duplicating artifacts or tape hiss.

The extra tracks (7 of them!) are worth the price of the CD. They were all written at the same time as the rest of the material, and they said they would have included them but for the time limitations of the LP format. The liner notes are also terrific, outlining the creative process from start to finish. Another addition is a Quicktime movie by a guy named Bruce Conner, set to Mea Culpa and presented as an early example of video sampling, to go along with Eno/Byrne's audio sampling.

Still a classic, seminal work that sounds totally contemporary even 25 years later...