CD Changers

I would like to buy a 200 or 300 CD changer for convenience. I'm unsure as to the sound quality of these players. Can I use a CD changer with a DAC, or something else, to get decent sound? I'm also not very clear on how DACs work. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
I'm interested in a CD changer too, but more like 5 or 6 disk type. I recently got a Nak mainly for transport, I use the DA converter in my B&K 202. works well sonically but the Nak pickup seems to have poor error correction-lots of skipping on imperfect discs. Anybody have experience with other changers?
I have a 6 year old Sony 5 disc changer, and the one thing it does best is the error correction. TO SIEBERT: All changers have at least a Toslink connection, so you could get a toslink optical cable and connect a Musical Fidelity X-DAC (I'll be putting mine up for sale soon). OR, you could use an MSB Link. Or, for more money and best performance value, the Bel Canto DAC-1 ( A DAC IS AN EXTERNAL digital-to-analog converter that takes the digital signal from a CD or DVD player, or dedicated transport, and converts it to analog to run to your receiver or preamplifier's line level inputs. YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO READ "THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO HIGHEND AUDIO". Find a dealer or friend who'll let you borrow a copy for a while, or else buy one. If you live near a large metropolitan area, I'm sure you could find a copy at the used book store. And try to borrow some old copies of Stereophile magazine, and then eventually think about subscribing (although they've seen better days). THE BEST ARTICLE I'VE EVER READ ON DIGITAL IS ROBERT HARLEY'S ORIGINAL REVIEW OF THE WADIA 27 DAC, in a 1996 issue of Stereophile. HE WAS REALLY AT HIS PEAK WITH SPHL IN THE YEARS AFTER HE WROTE "THE GUIDE".
If you go external DAC, be aware that digital receivers will digitize the analog inputs and then reconvert to analog. Some receivers and pre/pros will have a "direct" or "bypass" mode to pass the analog signal around the AD-DA process. Not an issue with analog receivers or preamps. BTW, the DAC in about any pre/pro and midline receiver will be better than in most, if not all, megachangers.