CD/DVD Modding : Pros & Cons.

The meaning of modding/tuning is for me crystal clear, better performance throught better parts, Pwr Supply regulations,new clock/converter etct.
are there any limits :
(1) price/performance
(2) warranty issue
(3) clear and proofable mods

Thus far, I have had the following pieces of equipment modded with very good to fantastic results: Audio Van Alstine Hybrid Fet-valve 250 w/ch amp

Jay, wondering if you could expalin what was done to your FetValve, and how it improved the sound.
IMO: If you keep pieces for a long time like I do then mods make more sense. If you're an audiophile who changes equipment frequently then I think modding might not make much sense since you might find what you're looking for with your next acquisition. I don't think either method is superior to the other so no value judgement being made here. If you've found a component that you like a lot and plan to hang on to it for a long time, fine tuning through mods might be the way to go. No worries about recouping investment etc. One caveat however, mods should be done by reputable technicians with a track record. Most Gon'ers know who they are.
Thanks folks,
I´m not all alone in a sea full of shark-modders.
we are so different in tastes and preferences but with one great common passion.... Music!
Rja & Tubin's words are words of wisdom from experience, but Audphile1 makes a great point if you want to try a modded it used and already modded. Like I said the one paying for the mods, you pretty much eat that part of it. Probably not the case if you buy it used and already modded.

FWIW, Rja hits the nail on the head with me. I was changing CDPs like crazy and just got tired of it [as well as my wife]. I hope to keep this player for a long time, and from the way it sounds, I think I will.
I had my Shanling CDT 100 modded with good results. I agree with much that has been said
1. It needs to be a keeper, don't expect to get your money back on resale
2. Look at feedback on the various companies
3. Start with what is a top, recommended unit in the first place.
4. Try and audition first, even better, compare a modded and unmodded unit, but thats hard in practice.
5. Speak to the modder, does he seem a straight shooter.
My next step, a Great Northern sound Co modded Resolutio Audio opus 21., when I can get the cash together.