CD player options with Krell integrated & Vandy 2C

Hi all. 
Looking for CD player options (new or used) would mate well with a Krell S-300i integrated and Vandy 2C speakers? Currently using a Technics SL-P101 as back up. Used to have a Naim CD3.5 and CD5i-2. I was thinking maybe Oppo 95 or the matching Krell S-350a? Also, below is what I have in cabling. Since coming from Naim gear, I’m currently using the NACA5 speaker cable. It actually sound very good. Though I’m sure there are better cabling matches with this Krell/Vandy pairing...
This is what I currently have in cabling:
1. Mogami W3082 speaker cable and W2549 RCA interconnects.
2. Naim NACA5 speaker cable. Naim DIN-to-RCA (in case there are any Naim recommendations).
3. Audioquest CV-4 speaker cable, Red River interconnects (XLR). 
If you like the Krell amp, why not try a Krell CD player?

A used Naim CD5x would be great, and it has a digital output, giving flexibility down the road.  
Hi Naimfan,I’ve thought about that. There’s a Krell DVD Standard somewhat close to me that I can pick up for $500. I’ve read It’s nice sounding unit for CD playback. It also has XLR’s which is Krell’s recommended type of connection. The matching cdp to the S300i is the S350a. They are kinda scarce though. I have also thought about getting another Naim. A CD5x would be nice too in that you can add a flatcap. If I did go with another Naim, would you stick with all RCA. Or would get a DIN-to-XLR cable? (I.e. Flashback Cables).
With a Krell amp, I'd lean toward just using RCAs now that Naim (finally) joined the real world (yeah, I know, it was a while ago, but my first Naim was back in 1984). 

It's always easy to spend someone else's money, right?  That said, if you can, try the Krell DVD - $500 sounds pretty reasonable if it is working properly - and watch for a S350a or a CD5x/xs.  I have a Naim DVD5 and an Exposure 3010S2 CD player; the Exposure is audibly "better" but the Naim is still excellent. 

And definitely try the Naim speaker cable with the Krell - I heard a KST100 with NACA5 once and it worked very well. 

Thanks guys! I’m gonna check out the krell dvd standard that’s in my area. Also, a buddy of mine has an oppo 95 he is gonna let me demo with the krell to see how I like it. 
Btw, has anyone ever heard of the Krell CD-1? If so, is it any good? How does it compare with the other aforementioned krell players?