CD player suggestions...

I'm in the market for a new CD player in the $600  - $800 range. Suggestions?


@peterpetre You have been given many suggestions for CD players within your budget. You have also been given other suggestions as to alternative approaches.

What are your thoughts?

The Sony UBP-X800M2 is a mediocre transport.  The sound is thin and lacks details.  The Emotiva ERC-4, as a transport - especially through optical output, blows the Sony out of the water.  Not sure why the Emotiva hate from some of the posters.  I had an Emotiva ERC-3 and it sounded quite good and also worked great as a transport.  It finally died on me (not recognize the CD’s) after 9 years.  I got the Emotiva ERC-4 as a replacement and the transport, especially via optical, is even better than the ERC-3, full of details.  I used to believe that all transports are the same since “bits is bits” but apparently that is not the case.  As a CD player, the ERC-4 also sounds great.


 I did like how robust that my ERC3 was, but then the troubles started. One of the RCA outputs Wasn't reliable, so I used the balanced outs with an adapter. Later on, I decided to try one of the digital outs. The RCA digital out did not work at all, but it was too late in the game for warranty. Then I tried the optical out to a DAC and it works.

 The sound in my system is a bit dull with the ERC3 compared to an older Cayin CD22 that I used. The Cayin pretty much died and that was when I bought the Emotiva. The Cayin had its own set of glitches and finally was more trouble than it is worth at some point.

 Along the way, I did try out the Rega Apollo R and mostly liked it but didn't have room in my rack for a top loader. It better than the Emotiva, but not as good as the Cayin.


Bel Canto CD3t Built like a tank and built in the USA. 

Used you get them in the $700.00 to $500,00 range.