CD player with digital INPUTS! Which one?? Audiolab, Roksan, Atoll

I plan to buy a new CD player, with optical and coaxial INPUTS, to connect my computer and Blu-ray player to a CD player. (From CD player the RCA interconnect will go into Audeze Deckard in a role of pre-amp.)

I started with a 40+ list of such CD players, and for various reasons I have eliminated all but 3 of them:
- Audiolab 8200CD
- Roksan K3 CD Di
- Atoll CD100se2

Any owners or ex-owners of these players here, any experiences, thoughts, recommendations or warnings? Please try to stick with just these 3 :)
I have audiolab 8200CD, it is good CD player for money in terms of sound , had reliability issues though, the first unit went blank(display) all of sudden after warranty period(13th month), seller agreed to exchange it for 40% of price with new unit, since I like the sound.
Now after 2 years the 8200CD is still working, occasionally have reading issues.
Here in Thailand the dealer carries both products audiolab and Roksan, I got to compare in same system and I liked Roksan K3 , it is natural sounding CD player, more body to vocal and tad of warm sounding and plenty of details.

Never had chance to hear Atoll..