CD player with no mechanical noise

At the moment I use a Marantz CD6000KI-player, terrific
sound, even better than my Rotel RCD 971.
But with some (not all) discs this player irritates me
with mechanical noise, I have experience with Linn,
the Ikemi is well built (but expensive), the Genki has
a rather cheap CD-tray.
I think I go for the Ikemi, another choice could be a
Meridian 507, is the Meridian free from mechanical noise?
Or the less expensive Rotel RCD 1072
Experience welcome.
I owned a Philips player that made mechanical noises (whirring, clicking) and gave it to my daughter rather than sell to someone else. I think players based on a Sony transport are inherently quiet. The Sony high end players I've owned were absolutely silent from opening door to spinning discs. The Arcam players use a Sony transport and are well reviewed, you might look into one of those. Good luck.
Audiomeca Keops. It's a top loading player that uses a highly modified CEC belt drive transport. It can be found used for less than $1000.00. It has a well balanced, non fatiguing sound that is very musical.