cd players coming to us market

Does anyone know whether the US market will get the popular Audiolab CD8200 or any of the Leema players? With Cairn gone I think we have fewer options for 1-3k players than we had before.
I have the Audiolab and live in Rochester NY. Just got it yesterday. Call my friend Bob Lietz at the Analog Shop in Victor NY. Bob is a great guy and makes it very worth while to do business with him. I've never been happier than when I started doing business with him. He carries some of the finest equipment made as you will see when you visit his web site. I'm not sure if he has the Audiolab listed on his web site yet so just e-mail him or call.

The Audiolab is the best you're going to get for the money right now. Please see post on here called 'Audiolab 8200CDQ. I will be streaming 24 bit through the Audiolab soon. Meanwhile, it's amazing with CD's.
Thanks very much for the information on the Audiolab Donjr; it is very helpful to know of the positive experience as well.
Yes, there's an 8200CDQ in the classifieds right now for $900. That's a great way to save $500.