CD read problem - New Clapton & others ???

I have recently come accross a cd that seems to not always "read" in the cd player. I was under the impression it was due to the "enhanced" format. That cd was the new Josh Groban.

I have been making certain to stay clear of any "enhanced" cd formats etc.

Tonight I picked up Eric Clapton's "Me and Mr. Johnson" cd. It too causes trouble being read by the cd player. I have not inserted the cd into the computer, but nowhere on the case does it state "enhanced" or media bonus, etc.

Is anyone else having read issues with these or other cds that are currently being manufactured?

FYI - player is Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP (approx 3 months old) and I own and have played several hundred cds, these are the only two to give problems, both purchased from Barnes & Noble in the last month. Thanks for any info
I had the same problem with a set of "remastered" Yes cds
that I bought recently. My guest is that it has to do with the quality of cd, the whole cd (disk, jewel case & art work) seems to be of very low quality. It was very frustrating to have them malfuntion, I tried the following
and it did took care of most problems. First I clean them up using an orbital cd cleaning machine, a wet type that I bought at Radio Shack (there was an oily film on the cd surface). After cleaning it I polished them using a green
machine that looks like a turbine engine (the label is gone) that I bought at Suncoast Movies to repair dvd, cds &
games. My cd player is a Linn Ikemi and like you I own a lot of cds (over 1k) this are the only ones that have given me any problems. I do own an "enhanced" copy of Blondie's Parallel Lines and it does plays flawlessly.
One last note, you may be able to go back an exchange them
for the same title to see if the copies you got were defective. Hope this will help you.

I went and checked my Yessongs cd, I placed on the cleaning machine and found it to be out of center.
The silver side when the disk is not hub centered, it does move from side to side when the disk is spinned. It looks
like an LP record with the label out of center,when spinned it will move up and down. The funny thing is that
the disk is perfect on the outside clear edge but the silver portion is out of round in relation to the center hole. Like I mentioned before the quality of this cds leave a lot to be desired, the laser pick-up will have a very hard time moving back and forth trying to read this disks. Regards, Hector.

Thanks for the info. Do you notice the orbital cd cleaning machine to help with other recordings or sonics?

I have never cleaned cd's in the past other than with warm water, mild soap solution, and a soft cotton cloth to dry. Recently I have purchased and used Record Research Lab Shine-O-La for cd cleaning.

Other than those two cd's I can't figure it out.

I also purchased the new Diana Krall which IS enhanced and does play flawlessly.
I have only used the orbital machine. I take good care of my cds, don't touch the center or lend them. The polisher is supposed to restore scratched disks to "like new" condition but I don't have a single cd with scratches so I can't tell if it works or not. I clean them when I buy them and they stay pretty clean. To be honest besides getting them to play right (Yes remastered cds), after cleaning and polishing, I haven't noticed any sonic difference. Do keep in mind that the one with the silver
portion out of round needed to be replaced, something Borders did to my satisfaction. The others did played ok
after cleaning and polishing. One product that I can tell you that do improve the sonic performance is a special marker with a green dye that is used on the outer edge of the cd. I got a demo at a high end dealer and bought a few markers, unfortunately I put them in a box that got lost. If my memory doesn't fail me the product name is CD Stop. Check you Eric Clapton cd on an orbital machine and see if the silver portion of the cd is hub centered.
Regards, Hector.
i have the stereophile test cd 2 that plays on my phillips 963sa, but not my ayre cx-7. go figure.

aloha keith