CD trading via La-La...

...haven't tried it, but the concept is interesting. Distributed CD trading--pay them a buck and they connect you to the CD you are trying to find. They also seem to be donating 20% of their profits to the artists, according to the "about la la" link.

Disclaimer: Just saw it and thought it was interesting. I have nothing to do with them nor have I actually tried it...
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So far so good for me. I've used it to trade about 5 CDs of mine for 5 others, and have received all the art everytime. They certainly have a learning curve for members. IMHO, it's a great concept. When they go out of "beta" on July 4, they should get a big bump in members. That, in turn, should increase everyone's ability to match the "haves" & the "wants".
This concept's biggest weakness is the same challenge traditional used records stores face. Too many unwanted copies of the same crappy selections, and not enough inventory of stuff everybody wants.
Let's try it while we can. It's fun! Cheers,