CD Transports with AES/EBU Digital Bal

Hi, Can someone recommend a fairly good CD Transport with balanced digital output (AES/EBU). I know sonic frontiers makes the sft-1, but they don't make that anymore. Theta Pearl is another options, anything else. I want a pretty good one about $3,000 or so.
I have a Krell MD10 transport which has balanced,toslink,at&t, and single ended outputs. The unit is built very well, looks awesome, and has been working flawlessly for me for 6 years. However ,it may be hard to find a used one.I estimate the cost at $2500.
Lots of folks ask a question but don't give enough information as to the other pieces that are important. (in your case) Are you running a complete balanced set up? I assume yes,If not there is actually a slight neg (they just don't sound as good)If your not running bal.all the way. Every s/pdif sounds better than aes/ebu (In comparing like cables) Also I would EXPECT any 3000 transport to have dig.bal. as an option.For the test of SF3 with processor3 It sounded best with their own I2 buss conector.Genarally best to use the same brand as your dac.
Theta's Data Basic II has AES/EBU. Good deals on prime units sell for under $1,000.